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My stupid compiler error
Taiko Keiji
Member #8,307
February 2007

I'm trying to make a Game engine and it works except for this

Circular Main <- Main.o dependency dropped.

What does that mean?

heres my main file.

1#include "GameEngine.h"
3int main()
5 GameEngine* GameEngine1;
6 GameEngine1.LockTimers();
7 GameEngine1.SpetSpeed();
8 install_int_ex(GameEngine1.SpeedTime,BPS_TO_TIMER(60));
9 BITMAP*buffer;
10 GameEngine1.SetUp(32,buffer);
11 while(!key[KEY_ESC])
12 {
13 draw_screen(buffer);
14 rest(100);
15 }
16 return 0;

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Taiko Keiji-

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July 2002

It means your Makefile is broken. You appear to be trying to compile Main as the source file, where you should be compiling Main.cpp.

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