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Games with scheme
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December 2001

So I have been working on my Allegro bindings for mzscheme and it is at a pretty good state, I think. See here for the first announcement of this.

I'm not sure how many people this will attract but Id like to get other people to write games using it. There aren't too many people who program in scheme that like games too but at least this crowd likes games so maybe some soul would be willing to learn scheme too.

Here is the homepage of the library. Yes the page is ugly, I have no web design skills. There are a few screenshots on the page, some games, and some documentation.

Briefly the library provides the following

  • bindings to allegro

  • safe interfaces to those bindings

  • convienent game utilities, such as the standard logic/draw loop

  • a predesigned framework for creating new games

So if anyone knows scheme and wants to write games or if this is enough inspiration to make you learn scheme and write games please do so. And be sure to tell me about it!

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January 2004


JAllegro - Allegro bindings for Java. Last updated Sunday 21, November 2004


Scheme has scary syntax. I'm glad that I did Java in my initial programming unit at university rather than Scheme which is what it has changed to.

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December 2001

The bothersome part of writing bindings in Java is you have to define them in Java and then write the back end in C. Scheme has a convienent way of gluing your code to the backend with fancy macros and whatnot.

Consider the drawing routines. If I wanted 4 routines, 1 that draws normally, 1 that draws directly to the screen, 1 that draws translucently, and 1 that draws translucently directly to the screen in Scheme I have this:

(define/screen/translucent* (line image x1 y1 x2 y2 color)
    (a:line (image-bitmap image) x1 y1 x2 y2 color))

Which gives me


But in Java I would have to define all 4 functions and then all 4 backend C functions. What a pain!

Thats just my excuse for not working on JAllegro :-p.

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