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Window Response
Daniel McKinnon
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June 2006

I'm using Windows and I need Allegro to respond even when it's window is not in focus.

I have a program that has two windows, one of which is an allegro window opened by set_gfx_mode(GFX_AUTODETECT_WINDOWED,640,480,0,0) and the other is a GTK+ window opened by gtk_main();

The problem is, the allegro window will not respond when the GTK window is in focus.

1.) The graphics won't update
2.) The allegro window will not respond if I shut off the program
3.) it would be nice if I could get Joystick response to the Allegro window even while it is out of focus.

Thank You

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December 2001

Look at int set_display_switch_mode(int mode);

I think you want

set_display_switch_mode( SWITCH_BACKGROUND );

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