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Nelson Cole
Member #6,043
July 2005

How would i go about doing so, that function doesn't exist, only v_flip. Also can someone tell me why it doesn't exist, I'm sure theres some sort of logical explanation.

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March 2002

The answer to both your questions is "vertical flip + 180 degree rotation = horizontal flip".

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Nelson Cole
Member #6,043
July 2005

Hm, Hm, point well taken.

Well I tried such in my code but have come to a dilima, now need to make a new post though. My problem is that I have the characters arms working like in a Abuse control scheme, they rotate 360 degrees. So only when my is aligned 90 degress does the v_flip + 180 work properly. How do I get it to work indefitnily??

pivot_sprite_v_flip(screen, arms, (player->x-mapxoff)+10,
            (player->y-mapyoff+7)+22, 12, 53, allegro_degrees+180);

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