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Guichan GUI Library - Beta testers wanted
Per Larsson
Member #276
April 2000


Only one question, when is endPaint to be called?

I suppose you mean endDraw? It is called after all the gui components has been drawn, right at the end of Gui::draw (that is, once per frame). So I guess the clip areas might give you some trouble... Perhaps you can do the drawing in popClipArea, or compute how the primitives will look after clipping and draw that in endDraw?

Anyway. If you do create a Direct3D graphics class we would really much want to get our hands on it, to add it to the library.


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September 2004

We have released an update of Guichan and a new demo showing Guichan on top of OpenGL.

They can both be found here: [url]
And here is the ChangeLog: [url]
Demo screenshots!: [url]

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