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SpeedHack post-releases
Oscar Giner
Member #2,207
April 2002

None of the OpenGL games in the binary archive work for me. James Howard's binary he linked works (Nice game, BTW :)).

Also, there are some games that need alleg41.dll. And I don't have it. Also big problem is that Allegro 4.1.x dll's are incompatible between versions, so people having another WIP dll version may not be able to run these games.

Member #1,947
February 2002

Thanks! ;D. I will admit though that not all the code I did over the weekend. I started out with my current project (a turn based strategy game). I thought it would be quicker to gut that out and then use it rather than starting from scratch. Also I ripped some of the GFX (trees rocks and ground texture) from some of my older games. The majority of code and graphics, however, I did do during the weekend.

I still haven't recovered and I'm missing this whole week of work :S. I was ill before the start of the competition and the lack of sleep really didn't help -probably should go to the doctor tomorrow 'cause I'm coughing my guts out and my heahache's getting worse.

James Howard
Member #262
April 2000

nasty.. I hope you feel better soon
on monday I suddenly realised I had A level exams today, so I had to cram last night. Had to do 2 1.5 hour papers on ICT and 'its application' :-/
I think I did ok though :)
now I'm absolutely nackered, especially after a speedhack weekend..

Check out my final year university project 'Warring States', a 3-D multiplayer RTS game:

Bruce Perry
Member #270
April 2000

Paul, I'm afraid so. My AthlonXP 1800+ can do it, but someone had trouble with a 450 MHz processor of some kind. Someone else commented that the executable I built ran better than Baffles's, so it's worth a try if your processor is somewhere in between.

Bruce "entheh" Perry [ Web site | DUMB | Set Up Us The Bomb !!! | Balls ]
Programming should be fun. That's why I hate C and C++.
The brxybrytl has you.

Member #2,330
May 2002

I will check out the rest of yours later.

But heres mine for now w/ windows binary:

DJ Space Racer

Member #2,905
November 2002

Gnatiator, link doesnĀ“t work.

Member #2,330
May 2002

woops, try this one here

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