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DE will be no more
Richard Phipps
Member #1,632
November 2001

Ok.. I understand.

Well I hope the job goes well and perhaps if times change you could fit a few hours a week on programming too. It is your hobby after all, but see how it goes. :)

on another note.. do you americans realise how much money you must bring home than us brits? $10 an hour? Grrahrgh!



Member #754
November 2000

$10 ? That's pretty low wages. :P

Member #951
February 2001

I know! That's the computer poverty line. ;)

Member #1,134
March 2001

Hey, it took me 7 years to work up to 10 buck an hour (Canadian) chooping wood. Yes, i have a sh*t job and if I thought I could get a programmer's job, I would :(

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Specter Phoenix
Member #1,425
July 2001

I worked it out with my fiancee and have made it possible for me to program while I spend time with her. Also the $10 an hour is the starting out pay for new employees at Print Pack. I just had my interview today at 11:00 (Monday, January 7, 2002). My future father-in-law works there as well as his brother-in-law Lyon, a friend named Dalebert, Tom (the supervisor), and Gary my fiancee's older brother's father-in-law. Needless to say I can get in with very little effort :). I'll be programming off and on. So DE is not DEAD, thankfully :).

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Member #940
January 2001

but your hobby is programming! its not some sick, twisted fetish type thing.

I'm not quite sure anymore if it isn't some sick, twisted fetish type thing. I don't like to talk about it with other people (from the real world) anyway.
When someone asks about my hobby I'll say "something with computers", rather than tell about the new zelda like game I'm working on.
Most of the time, the other person won't know about zelda, nor why it is fun to play, let alone why someone wants to make a new game like it, especially when they notice that after a year the game still isn't finished and probably won't be for a long time.
Maybe we are like artists. Misunderstood by the rest of the world. sniff.

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