Website update (about my small old Allegro games) (3)

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Another old project: Hidden Space Invaders in custom CMD exe.
Full video here:


Bruce Perry

For a moment I thought you'd done it by updating the hardware character bitmaps :)


In fact all ingame bitmap are dynamically generated, so that no external image/file is needed. :)

PS: My favourite mode is "zigzagging bombs + invisible invaders". :P

Mark Oates

How are you so productive? What's your secret?

[edit:] 'prolific' is the word I was looking for.


Thanks Mark,

The thing is that, once again, I'm talking about an old project (IIRC 2005 or 2006...)
I'm digging into all old projects like that I made since 2000.
Most of them are made only for fun / for learning how to make it technically with Allegro.
And most of them don't include game design: just clones of another proven game mechanic.

So I'm not that prolific I guess...

Mark Oates
anto80 said:

So I'm not that prolific I guess...

That sounds like something a prolific person would say... ::)



Well some people make 10+ games a year :o so... it makes me realize how little I am. And I'm absolutely OK with that.

Anyway THANKS A LOT for your feedback and support! ;)


Cipher Pusher update:
Ingame levels may contain monoliths. But why!? :) You'll find out!

From left to right: the different steps of integration. Last image is a screenshot of my built-in "service mode" (to check imported images easily)

Next step I'll post on that subject will be the ingame object (animated?)

Have a good day! ::)


I just thought of a nice idea when I mistook your gif in the op.
should make some good money too. you can have the idea however feel free to pass some of the royalties my we.

the idea is to make desktop Invaders.

basically space Invaders using the users current desktop icons.

would make a nice screen saver too.

to you from
your King
King Piccolo



Here is a photo on my small Cipher Pusher booth at Insalan... just to show you that I'm proud to use Allegro, there's an ingame animated Allegro logo during attract mode.


That's really nice :-D

Gideon Weems

Aww yeah. That's how I like my title screens.


It seems that my ingame monoliths are animated now! :)


I think it stays semi transparent too long after the character leaves it.


Thanks for your feed back MiquelFire. I'll look into it.

Here is a very small video footage about Cipher Pusher ingame chunk. (I was at Tauntfest last weekend)

Chris Katko

I think it stays semi transparent too long after the character leaves it.

I think if you weren't staring at it in a gif, it probably wouldn't be as noticeable.


That, and the gif is only a small part of the screen. The character may be close enough that it being semi transparent is not really an issue, just the top part is cut off of the video, so the character is not far enough to disable the transparent effect, but is out of the view we have.


Another WIP:
Here's my auto-remap-tileskin ingame function / leveldesign cosmetics.
It is messed up for now :P



Hey anto80, are you interested in joining TINS? We can put that 'prolific' thing to the test.


Hey amarillion, thanks but I'm really too busy for now, plus I need more sleep. So I won't join TINS. I'm looking forward to see what all of you will create! Good luck / Have fun !

Today, I'm uploading a vid about an old Pacman remake (2001) to learn pathfinding for fun (as well as some shading techniques in 256 colors)
#MadeWithAllegro #DOS :p
Full vid here:


Thanks a lot to Peter Hull who assisted me to use these old Allegro 3.12 DAT files using old Grabber versions. Thus helping me A LOT with this 15-years-old exe rebuilding process. ;)

Peter Hull

Great stuff, I love the way you do new takes on well-known games!


Hey, thanks Pete!

Not much to add these days because I'm busy with making a (pre-alpha version) trailer and I'm still working on seafoam animation ( )
Thanks for those who took a look! :)

Well, still busy with trailer and event documents.
Oh yeah, event!!
I'll be at Stunfest (Rennes, France) on May 20-22 to show you WIP on Cipher Pusher !!
Last year, 12000 visitors attended to Stunfest.
This is a unique event mixing Versus Fighting international competitions, arcade freeplay, live superplay w/ comments, conferences, chiptune concerts, animations, and a dedicated area for indie games (last year 30+ indiegamedev small teams were here to show their WIP or their nearly-finished game!)
stress is coming. :o

Particles added to Cipher Pusher because particles are always cool! :)
More particles added when you destroy blocks + Random spawn test of MORE PARTICLES! :P

Blocks seem to react to these slots!? :) (+Lightning environment added in some puzzle rooms) :o
<-- Sorry guys i've absolutely no idea why my gif doesn't auto-show, as any other does.


Great job, love the physics of the particle effects and how they interact with the walls.

Keep it going man, your enthusiasm for this is inspiring :)


Thanks a lot Derezo!!!

It's somewhat a relief to see some good feedback in moments of huge doubt & stress like this.


I'll keep you updated! :)

Peter Hull

When do you think we'll be able to play it!


This reminds me ...
that TheMeatly comic

I'll start talking about release dates when I'll start getting less afraid of creating too much hype too soon.


Thanks for asking anyway!!

Cipher Pusher update: Did I mention that YOU CAN FIRE sometimes?! :)

some news here :)


Today's GIF:
I added the possibility to OVERKILL enemies (here a pixel devilfish)
Seems a good move in gameplay. What are your thoughts about it?

Chris Katko

That boss thing looks cool!

Chris Katko

Probably don't need to keep two threads alive for the same game. :P

Mark Oates



Probably don't need to keep two threads alive for the same game.

I agree Chris. And my point is not to be seen as spam ;)

Since the 2 other about Greenlight and Trailer will "wear off" and eventually will be locked, I can keep on posting on this one. That is, general updates about Cipher Pusher but maybe other updates.

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