[Allegro 5.0.8] glGenBuffers not initialized? (Allegro noob)

Hey guys,

I've done a few small projects with Allegro before, nothing too intense, so it's quite possible that I'm missing a step or some info.

glGenBuffers is throwing a good ole 'memory access error'. The debug shows it to not be properly initialized. Which correct me if I'm wrong here but I'm using the ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0 flag and this required 3.0 or >. And 3 has VBOs.

So am I missing something to properly initialize the gl function calls. Something similar to glewInit perhaps?


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>
#include <allegro5/allegro_opengl.h>

Which I believe is all I need to include for opengl support in allegro correct?

Display Creation (`al_init` is before this point and returns successfully)

al_set_new_display_flags(ALLEGRO_OPENGL | ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0);
display = al_create_display(display_data.width, display_data.height);

Call to Generate a Buffer

GLuint vboNy;
glGenBuffers(1, &vboNy);

The run time error occurs at the glGenBuffers call and using msvc's debugger shows that it isn't pointing to a valid location in memory where the function might exist.

What steps am I missing to make glGenBuffers defined?

Side note glGenBuffersARB is also not valid currently.

Arthur Kalliokoski

This page says the second parameter is supposed to be a GLuint pointer, not a pointer to an GLuint, which is what you have.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Reference linked to:

void glGenBuffers(GLsizei n,
   GLuint * buffers);

They are one in the same(as far as a receiving function is concerned), GLuint x; &x; is equivalent to GLuint * x = new GLuint(); or GLuint x[] = {0}; x; They are all pointers to a GLuint/of type GLuint pointer.

However I tried anyway(pointer definitions):

GLuint * vboNy = new GLuint();
glGenBuffers(1, vboNy);

Result in the same errors.
Through msvc's debug again shows that glGenBuffers points to NULL.

(glGenBuffers == NULL)
std::cout << glGenBuffers;


edit clarified a statement.

Aaron Bolyard

Similar code works on my end. Does your graphics card support OpenGL 3? Are the drivers up to date?


Running a GTX 670, drivers are updated and I have had OpenGL 4 commands work outside of Allegro previously, in particular MultiDrawArraysIndirect.

I noticed al_get_opengl_version in the docs. (Which I believe returns an int meant to be read as hex)
And (what I believe to be odd) is this:

printf("VERSION %X", al_get_opengl_version());

However it can't be 0 because I've been successful in using opengl until trying to move over from using VertexArrays stored cpu side to Buffers stored GPU side.

Aaron Bolyard

Try and call al_set_current_opengl_context(display) before generating the VBO.

How did you compile Allegro? Are you using the proper compiler runtime and, similarly, the proper libraries for the compiler runtime?

This example works for me:

1#include <allegro5/allegro.h> 2#include <allegro5/allegro_opengl.h> 3#include <stdio.h> 4 5int main(void) 6{ 7 if (!al_init()) 8 return 1; 9 10 al_set_new_display_flags(ALLEGRO_OPENGL | ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0); 11 ALLEGRO_DISPLAY* display = al_create_display(640, 480); 12 13 GLuint vbo; 14 glGenBuffers(1, &vbo); 15 16 printf("Version: %X\n", al_get_opengl_version()); 17 printf("glGenBuffers == %X", glGenBuffers); 18 19 glDeleteBuffers(1, &vbo); 20 al_destroy_display(display); 21 22 return 0; 23}


Version: 3000000
glGenBuffers == 5EEB4790


I downloaded the msvc 11 precompiled binaries from https://www.allegro.cc/files/ at the time it was 5.0.8 but I see now a new(stable) release is out.

Linking to the allegro-5.0.8-monolith-md-debug.lib and have the equivalent .dll.

I'll download source(5.0.9) from the http://alleg.sourceforge.net/download.html and build it and see if it remedies the situation and I'll update this post with the result.


edit Also I tried your suggestion no luck and your example for me produces the same result as I've been having. I feel like you're onto something with the whole allegro setup thing, I thought I'd get away with being lazy and use some precompiled binaries. However something tells me building it locally will probably fix this.

I built 5.0.9 from source using the msvc 11 compiler.
Didn't resolve the issue it's still there.
Maybe I should try 5.1.X although I doubt that's the issue anymore.

Tried getting glew to play nice with Allegro(dirty I know but running out of options) couldn't get it to go.

Not sure where to go from here and help/ideas are appreciated.

It looks like it does, but just to be sure, Allegro does manage OpenGl extensions in Windows correct?

I overwrote MS's GL*.h files, with new ones of the equivalent version and this solved it. I'm still not sure what happened(if they got corrupt or what) or how but at least it's a thing of the past now.

Thanks Guys

Edgar Reynaldo

The man page on opengl with allegro 5 gives you several ways to check for supported opengl extensions. Is glGenBuffers an extension? (I wouldn't know as I have little experience with OpenGL).

And I thought I heard once upon a time Allegro would give you the latest OpenGL just with the ALLEGRO_OPENGL flag, (ie... and not with ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0 needed).

Also, the manual says you have to create an OpenGL context (read - opengl allegro display) BEFORE calling al_get_opengl_version. I assume the rest of the opengl functions may behave similarly.

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