[AL5] Knowing when a resize event is starting?

Right now, while I resize, it just takes what was there and stretches it, until I let go of the mouse. Rather than a stretched image, Id prefer to just blit something black before, and have the black seamlessly stretch itself. Is there some kind of resize begin event?



Maybe a windows-specific flag to turn on the stretching (on other platforms we don't do that).


Yea on Windows it stretches the old stuff rather than show black which is odd a bit.

Mark Oates
Elias said:

windows-specific flag to turn on the stretching

The stretching is deliberate? I thought it was the only option. I here-to-fore vote that we have the stretch flag off by default.


So does allegro provide a cross platform way to set this flag?


No, right now it does not, someone will have to add it (or as far as I'm concerned, just remove the stretching code from the Windows port - but apparently whoever added it prefers it).


On OS X I think you get the choice between smooth scaling of the image, or junk while you resize the window. I prefer stretching.


I would prefer smooth scaling on all three platforms, but ideally, a cross platform flag would be nice :)

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