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To recover your lost password, please enter your username or e-mail address
and press the "Reset Password" button. A new password will be generated and
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	No account information could be found. If you are unable to remember your
	account information you should e-mail <mef:mailto address="support@allegro.cc" />
	for help.

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<form action="/account/forgot" method="post">
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	If you cannot remember any of your account information, please e-mail 
	<mef:mailto address="support@allegro.cc" /> for help.


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	<h4>Good News!</h4>
	We found your account information! Within a few minutes, you should recieve
	an e-mail containing your new password. If you need any assistance,
	please e-mail <mef:mailto address="support@allegro.cc" /> for help.

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