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Membrane Massacre v2.0

Membrane Massacre v2.0

03/31/2007 9:37 AM | Steve Whitmore

Enter Membrane Massacre.

The year is 2160. A deadly bacteria is sweeping the world -- the likes of which medical science has never encountered before. The world's best doctors have failed to find a cure. And so what is the fate of mankind?

Enter Dr. Smallship, the recent inventor of a high-powered shrinking device. With two-and-two quickly put together, it becomes obvious that the only solution is to use the shrinking device to shrink powerful combat fighter ships to a microscopic size, and use them to battle the sinister bacteria!

Come on. How tough could a few of these cytoplasm-suckers be?

Fight your way through four grueling randomly generated levels, through hordes of bacteria that jiggle with realistic physics. Take command of one of five unique microscopic space fighters, and unlock new and powerful weapons with each one. It won't be easy, but everyone agrees that you're the best low-salary pilot for the job!

Membrane Massacre is a coffee-break style game, with the intent of being ideal for short action-filled sessions. The game was originally the product of a half-month contest, but ended up seeing a total of five months of development, into the polished state it is in now. So take a shot at the devious bacteria lurking within, and see if you can defeat the evil bacterium boss, El Mucho Membrane! Controls and other details included in the README file.

Good luck, pilot!

Download Membrane Massacre [] now!

Feedback is, of course, greatly appreciated. :)


a cool preset for 3xosc, playing with the filter settings... ;)nachjo chip
Wow, this is actually a lot better than I expected. I like the graphics, the sounds are good (but the background music is a bit repetitive), and the levels are certainly interesting. I found the keyboard controls to be a bit confusing at times, though(such as when left moves you right, and right moves you left). Also, it would be great if the minimap were alpha-blended so you could actually see stuff before it hits you. Aside from that, it's a great game. - Elverion
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