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weapon_S has rated 43 projects with an average score of 6.30
Dodger   **********
icon Realized very neatly, extensible appearance, online hi-scores (!). Appearance not my taste, but who cares!
Alternative Medicine   *********
icon You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll damn the person responsible for this: Excellent!
Bollen   *********
Nice graphics, and music (ad nauseam). Amazing what you can do with just left and right controls.
Brutalo Deluxe   *********
icon Mechanics are almost perfect. Gun sounds are awesome. It is visually (unintentionally) minimalistic. It really is in need of some good art, though.
EUO   *********
Years of evolution have created a good balanced game that is definitely fun for RPG fans. However: The manual is outdated, The server side is far from perfect. Overall graphics are pretty poor. Getting music is a hassle. Player housing costs real money. But the overall game is so extensive!
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   *********
icon Graphically I find it lacks style. Looks pretty polished otherwise. Nice songs and good sound effects. Enough challenge and a usable level-editor complete this package.
Membrane Massacre   *********
There's not much to say: if you like cutting-edge graphics and sound, you probably won't like it; if you like computer games you'll certainly appreciate this hobbyists efforts at making a fun, neat looking and well sounding game.
Meteor 2   *********
icon The iffy collision detection and wobbly path-finding don't seem to make a brilliant engine, but the single player mode is certainly fun. Haven't had the oppurtunity to play multiplayer, though.
Mouse Mash   *********
icon Graphics and sound are very good. (If you like retro sound.) Easy to pick-up and play. Since it's just the demo version, I can't say anything about the eventual learning curve, but it looks promising, and I already found myself replaying the levels.
Shippy1984   *********
icon Just look at the player's craft! This is worse than retro! Gotta love it! This game can automatically switch to a joystick control. No key-definition, though. And the sound is a bit loud too. This game succeeds at what it was intended to do: appeal to non-gamers and newbies.
Temporal   *********
icon Puzzle game that rewards (and requires!) creative solutions. Music, sound, graphics and story are all good: presentation is A grade.
Bottoms Up   ********
icon Challenging and fun. And original! Controls, especially in the menu's might feel a bit clunky.
Butterfly Game   ********
icon It's more a search-and-reaction-game than a puzzle game. Often chain-reactions occur without you having anything to do with it. When a huge chain reaction occurs, you might feel it needed more spectacular effects. You might be inclined to slide the corners (which actually rotates the field).
Duel3   ********
Looks good, sounds alright, plays well. Hm, maybe I should play it more often...
GWar   ********
Two fighter planes battle each other on a wrapping screen. No bugs; works like charm. Earsplitting sound-effects. Ships for some reason differ. Fun not guaranteed, but certainly possible.
Lacewing   ********
icon A bit overrated: needs more speed and better collision detection. Very hard, but upgrade system keeps you playing. Music sucks. Fun enemy design hurdles you into a psychedelic nightmare of hostility. NOTE: 2 player VS. and co-operative available.
Pulse   ********
The given description might be a bit exaggerated for a game with such simple graphics and sounds. It is fun and addictive nonetheless.
Scarius:Space Pilot   ********
Bullet-hell isn't my cup of tea, but this is insane beyond (my) comprehension. Looks neat though.
Tranzam   ********
icon I don't know the original, but this is a very solid game. The normal mode gets a bit tedious, however. My favourite is survivor mode. Updates info facts via internet. Good joystick support. Good presentation. Simply race around in the USA. Senseless entertainment. Vroom! Vroom!
Crystal Pirates   *******
Very neat 3D graphics. Average music. Getting the crystals in question is hard, because it requires you to collide with very small objects. Overall good, but kind of dull.
Pikselz   *******
Lack of GUI and mouse controls makes controlling your minions hard. Very interesting concept; makes me wish the AI was smarter and the map was bigger. Rate of building and small screen make short yet fun games now.
Rail Blaster   *******
Once you get the controls -go either left or right at junctions-, you will be seriously confused by the ASCII-art playing field. You might find some addiction and/or fun.
Stickdude!   *******
icon A very minimalistic platformer, but a complete one nonetheless.
Dadoo   ******
icon Menu interface is bare, but acceptable. There obviously was time spent on the graphical side. Editor, cheat-button and the dearth of levels give the game an unfinished impression. Interface is confusing. Search this thread for some extra levels:
Space Race 2003   ******
Pretty straightforward 2 player vs. button-basher (literally). I didn't find any flaws. If you're feeling giddy, you might get some laughs with some mates.
Bumper Blaster   *****
icon Graphics and controls are good. I personally find weapons and pick-ups confusing. I couldn't find three other people to play with... might be more fun then.
Gum - My first C programmed Game   *****
icon Very very basic game. Looks crummy; no sound. Mildly entertaining to play to the finish once, if you're looking for a time-waister.
Mario Arena   *****
icon Fairly addictive. Fall speed and 'invisible-corner-of-your-character-collisions' sometimes mean the end of you. 2-player mode is fun because you probably end up killing eachother.
Tag   *****
I don't really get this game. It's kind of hard. There are some tiles that seemingly affect your direction. The levels are all maze-like. The ships are all circular. I've found no bugs.
Are you lost   ****
icon Not a bad game: Navigate through the maze with limited sight to beat your opponent to the goal. Pickups are usually literally in the way. Collision detection frustrates when taking turns. AI is dumb. Best played with a friend. There's two versions: one looks better other plays better.Bores quickly.
Barknoid   ****
Works for me under Windows XP and 98. Graphics and music are ok. The game mechanism however is slightly incomplete; You can't change the angle of deflection, leading to stale games sometimes and collision doesn't always work like you'd expect.
Bootleg Bash   ****
icon The short range and lack of variety of attacks really make it tedious. Also, you won't be kicking your opponent through the screen, rather you will be pushing him off the edge. Lack of joystick support in four-player-only game. This game isn't bad, it just doesn't do much. BTW hilarious characters!!
Faerie Fire   ****
It doesn't seem like this game is maintained anymore. I wouldn't know what you would add to this game. At the moment it has tedious gameplay. Overall it's kind of weird... Which you might like in a campy fashion.
RASCAL   ****
icon I haven't finished this. It doesn't save. It doesn't even remember what items you've picked up from the last floor, making it more of a puzzle game. This game isn't self-explanatory, there is no readme, and the in-game texts force me to quit the game, because keys stop responding.
Roverwars   ****
Doesn't look bad. The game took a couple of (re)starts before it actually worked for me. Concept is pretty interesting. There is an AI, but two AI's facing each other stall the game indefinitely. So-so game.
Shoot 'em All!   ****
icon If you need to waste time and get RSI, you might find this handy. No challenge, other than hitting the (right) falling blocks. Graphically sufficient. BTW readme-file and code comments are all Finnish(?).
CatFight   ***
icon It is a simple game with original gameplay. You probably won't notice that though, because it freezes up your PC frequently. AI is sufficient. The game ends when a player is pushed of the very small screen. The sound seems intentionally trenchant/annoying. The freezing is unforgivable.
Cop Chaser   ***
icon You know those toys that are a driving-wheel with a scrolling background? This is basically the same, only with addition of a gearbox and collision detection (and the latter rather poorly). The money and challenges force you to do races. Some challenges are interesting.
Desert of Doom   ***
icon Confusing collision detection and unpredictable enemies, make this a very frustrating game: too hardcore for me. Music is cool, but my computer can't do IT music during a game. I didn't finish it. Style is good, mechanics are choppy.
Goodzilla   ***
icon Your character moves too erratically. You can get yourself stuck. The setting isn't delivered well enough to be funny. Weapons and destructible environment are nice.
TicTacToeXtreme   ***
icon Looks and sound are sufficient. The game boils down to forcing the AI to go first and tie the game until his credits are gone. Meanwhile you will be hindered by your occasional slip-up and, much worse, a bug with which the AI can win without a line.
SpeedRun!   **
icon The beautiful menu and complete manual only made it more annoying the game itself didn't actually work for me. The only thing I could do was watch how after a random amount of time for some reason the game declared me dead.
The Bum Game   **
icon Version 0.2: No objective or score or death...Or difference between menu and game. The last makes it kind of... psychedelic; but otherwise not really playable as game.
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