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Rachel Morris

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Rachel Morris has rated 14 projects with an average score of 5.36
Mein Cannon   ********
icon This is a pretty nice game. I don't know if it's just my compy but it has slowdown at the very beginning when I open the exe but then it goes away. It's a pretty neat design and you also know how to present clean, nice looking graphics.
Video Game: A Retro Adventure   ********
First off-- This game needs a readme! I had to go into the code to find out you have to play with a gamepad. Otherwise, the game itself is very clean and polished, handles well, and looks good (even though it's NES graphics). Can't wait to see more.
Fole & Raul go bananas   *******
icon This is a very cute game. It looks good, it sounds good, it plays well (though the gun's range is a little short), and having two player support makes it even more awesome. Good job, I'm gonna go play your other games now. >:D
Grid Blast   *******
Pretty neat little game that's challenging enough since you have to watch out for baddies shooting at you from around the perimeter of the board.
Marle   *******
icon Controls are surprisingly good, and I think that's enough to say this game is good, even though it's only a demo at the moment.
TetroFlux   *******
icon It's tetris. It's a pretty version of tetris, and it's stable, so if you're looking for a tetris game to download this is really all you need. (Though when you get a game over I couldn't figure out how to restart the game, if there is a way).
Bouncing Cars   ******
icon This is pretty good so far. I do suggest allowing the player to be able to drive forward when they want instead of it automatically going, but basically need to add better graphics and sound and it'd be a pretty decent multi-player game.
Brutalo Deluxe   *****
icon Eheh, a Soldat clone? I think it's decent, but Soldat is free, too, and it looks nicer, has more features, and has online play.
Lisa 'n' Jane - The fashionbusters   *****
This game would make a decent time-waster for younger ones (except that it was a bit hard to get to the higher level), but not much gameplay value. I like the sprites, though.
Egg Runner   ***
I see that it's a beta release and you already mentioned the movement (and don't underestimate how unplayable moving a tile at a time makes it). At this point, it's missing a lot, so it's hard to review, but I love lode runner. This could be good, just keep working at it.
First Warrior   ***
This needs some work. One- the bullets are so tiny they're near invisible, the enemy planes move too fast (or you too slow) so maneuvering is near pointless. Have a sound or animation play when the player is hit, and also have the game stop when you get a game over. Keep up the work, though.
PacSmiley   ***
I don't think you can sell a game that uses other peoples' art AND music. Not to mention the game itself is not good enough to be sold. There's no depth, it's extremely basic even for an "arcade-styled" game, and frankly it's not very pretty, either.
Definitely points off because the level resets once you stop pressing a key. Graphics are just shapes, gameplay is generally simple, like snake only... more basic. I would fix the keypress thing, add more obstacles to avoid, and some graphics, then it could potentially be a fun mini-game.
Wizard   ***
icon For a game under the status 'completed', there isn't much here, but it could be a lot better with some improvement: enemies (blocks?) don't hurt, I couldn't find the mushroom, you have a sword but I couldn't figure out how to use it. Needs a good readme or help screen with it. I kinda like it tho.
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