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From: Bernville, PA, United States


“Derek Lucas was born in 1924 in Liverpool, England. This birthdate makes him 79 by most standards, and 32 by others. His specified age varies depending on the situation. For example, if he needs to pick up a lovely 18 year old, he is only 32. But if he needs a soothing drink for free, he is a 79 year old retired fighter pilot at your local pub. This ability to change so fluently to meet challanges has served him well over the years, making for an interesting biography.

During the 1970's, Derek illustrated some of the Secret Seven books. He attempted to update the clothing the children were wearing. The boys still had caps and blazers in some of the illustrations, but they were all wearing long trousers. Some boys still wore school sandals.

After running pubs in the markets of London, travelling through India, Kathmandu and Kabul, Derek finally found himself in Kangaroo Valley. In 1976 he leased 'Chakola' and started 'Lucas - Chakola', a privately-run recreation centre.

Sadly, in 1982, Derek Lucas was in a car accident. Even more sadly, he did not have a competent plastic surgeon for the repair job, thus, for years after the accident, he looked like this

But, unhindered by this unfortuanate accident, Derek continued on to establish 'Operation Challenge' in the same year. The ideas for corporate training had been around for at least a decade but back in 1972 not many companies were interested in serious training. The bushfires of 1983 were a slight hiccup in these plans but being an ex Royal Marine, a bushfire was just another challenge to overcome.

Derek was awarded an Order of Australia medal for services to the community and to experiential learning this year. We ask that you genuflect and address him as 'my liege' at all times.

After deciding that Australia just wasn't his place, Derek Lucas moved to Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. There he began his career as a football player. As a freshman in the local university, he was the most astounding tailback in the schools history.

Soon after this, he moved on to ice hockey. He joined the South Jersey, Washington Township's highschool ice hockey team as goalie. In one game, Derek single handedly handed Washington Township three shutouts and five 1 goal games. He also boosted the moral of the longstanding loser team, he made it a team that it was cool to be on again.

After becoming bored with ice hockey, Derek moved on to become a BWY-qualified Yoga teacher. He gave classes for several years in the South-East Essex area. He soon became the most renowned Yoga teacher in the whole world, but again, he became tired of this as well, and moved on.

After teaching Yoga for 3 years, Derek moved on to become a Headmaster at Bristol Grammar School. There he greatly improved the quality and fervor of the teaching, as well as introduced a whole new curriculum that he wrote by himself. This curriculum was approved by Tony Warren, and praised as to being "The absolute BEST curriculum I''ve ever seen in a fifty mile radius of this school." Derek, feeling that this praise was not truly earned soon decided that he could do more good elsewhere, and left the position of Headmaster to John Garrett, a trusted friend of his.

After moving on from the business of Head master, Derek Lucas created Luthor Filmworks. His ultimate vision is to elevate the film and television hip-hop platform to the level at which hip-hop music has evolved. With today''s urban generation demands of authenticity and creativity, Derek embraces a bold approach to film television, and web media. "Dare yourself to do it... then make it happen" has been the motto of Luthor Filmworks since it's inception. With partners Derrick Thompson and Damian Thomas, Derek and Luthor Filmworks has helped to develop numerous talents on camera and behind the scenes.

Quickly becoming bored with this occupation, Derek then moved on to join the Hannibal Concert Band. He played the trombone with the likes of Jarid Wade and James Wallace, and was awarded a medal for being the most influencing member of the entire band.

After thanking the audience, Derek walked off the stage, and set out for the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Soon after joining, he was sent to Mosul, Iraq along with Lance Cpl. Charles Foss. Cpl. Derek Lucas handled a 60mm machine gun covering a large crowd of Iraqi citizens when terrorists began their attack. Derek Lucas and his unit successfully held off the terrorists and sustained only minor civillian casualties. Derek then quickly moved on to be a major figure in baseball playing for the Ellisville Redbirds.

Sadly, Derek died late last Wednesday when he was bitten by small rodent. Thankfully, Derek died happy, knowing that he had helped many people get a hold on life. He was only 3 months away from hitting 80, which was his biggest fear.”

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