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Mike Farrell

  • Char   *********
    Update - I've decided to take this game off of BETA status since I've had no real problems with it. I've updated the demo fixing a major issue: Now when you run the game it tries to get all the 320x240 video modes first and doesn't go ...
  • Char3D  
    3D Sequel to my original adventure/platform game, Char that I developed with my sf2 3D API & scene editor. Controls are the same (arrows to move and jump, left ctrl to shoot). Only one world is finished in this version.
  • ... The coming of death, trigged by the ignorance of life...". A fierce war over land splits an entire world into two halves. The Luminians.............and the Drakians. Both, fighting for their land, people, believes, and life, will stop at ...
  • icon Crossfire is a cross-platform game project for my Cosc-482 graphics class built on top of the sf2 API, another project of mine that has been in development for almost a year. The game is a digital version of the old board game crossfire. I never owned the ...
  • 'El Camano' is a mispelling of the type of car my friend Jason has. This past christmas of '03, I decided to feature the car in an arcade-style game and burn it to a CD for him as part of his Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the MP3 ...
  • icon A few weeks ago, I was playing Stratego with a few friends. For those of you that haven't played Stratego, it's a classic strategy board game. I thought to myself, I could do something like that, but better. So I came up with Iron Army. Iron ...
  • LightSword Bowling was a program that I put together as part of project for my CSI 155 (C++) college course. I wanted a cool game that I could show on the projector on the screen to show off some of the cool things you could do with C++ besides ...
  • Well, this is my second and best 3D game. It uses, and well-tests, my new Realm3D 3D engine. I won't give away much about the game, but let's just say it's pretty friggin cool. The game includes the following features: *A cool 3D ...
  • This is the first 3d game I've ever written. It is a simple, yet fun game of shoot or be shot. Hunt down surrounding tanks and blow them up with a big gun mounted onto your tank. 13 levels of carnage and a cool final boss! This game was ...
  • Wartimes is a game that I decided to write when I was thinking about all the old drawings I used to make at placemats in restaurants of a huge war with stick men fighting each other all over the place.   I orignally wrote this for a friend's web ...
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