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Jesse Shepherd

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Jesse Shepherd has rated 12 projects with an average score of 8.83
Icy Tower   **********
icon The presentation of the game was unique, fulfilling, and very psycadellic (for lack of better terms)! The concept of the game is addicting, and the graphics are really really cute! Nice job Johan!
Liquid War 5   **********
icon v5.4.4: Wow. This is a very unique game and just about everything the author claims. Each of the maps (lots of these) presents a different challenge. I'd recommend playing the map 'Bean' first to get used to the gameplay. You can customize Liquid War to your heart's desire too. Nice job U Foot!
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   **********
icon Every once in a while, I stumble across a *completely* original game (code, gfx, sound). These graphics are very nice, and the game is super addicting and funny. Great presentation, unity, and style Mike!
RailRunner (a.k.a Stinsen)   **********
icon Very unique concept.. I had fun with it. The graphics are nice and clean cut, and the gameplay isn't too difficult to grasp. Nice work.
Tom the Tomato   **********
icon Woo hoo, old school pixel art! Very nice hit detection and animation-timing. I'm not sure why I dig this retro stuff so much.
XOP   **********
icon Very entertaining. Everything adds to its fun factor- graphics, music, creative levels, weapon system -and the initial difficulty has good standards. If you find this game too difficult, you've a whole new world to discover. :)
Zasx   **********
icon Very smooth graphics. Fun fun.
Moon Lander   ********
I'm a hopeless pixel fanatic... these graphics rock, especially the fire effect. I managed to land it with 68% fuel left :) Though, when I skyrocketed and went down for a nosedive, the velocity began going back up after a while, and I never saw the land.
The Beyond   ********
icon The game certainly is more complex than what first seems. To the average user, the game will be confusing, and they want to get right into the game doing stuff. I suggest a control panel with buttons that is always visible and functional in the game, for ease of use and for looks.
Meteor   ****
The good points I was able to find in this game were the intro interface and soldier sprites. Other than these, I find the control quite restrictive, the graphics generally lame, and the fun factor low. The game does not deserve its recent reviews.
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