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bamccaig has rated 6 projects with an average score of 6.50
Eight Ways to Die   *******
icon It's a well made game. It takes you a second to realize that you need to use the numpad to cover all attack angles. It's hard to coordinate with the numpad. The music lags when you mash the keys. It's a well made game, but I can't get very far. I also don't personally find it fun.
FRUITworm   ********
icon Well made game. This one was actually kind of fun. I'm not entirely sure how to properly play, but from what I can tell you get points for eating the apple and can kill the NPCs trying to eat you by dropping seeds on them. Not bad, but still not good enough for me to play for long...
Global Warming: A Road Adventure   ****
As the author described, it is very short and very easy. Still, it's not a bad game. It works smoothly, etc., and with better level design (and more than one) it might be a fun game.
Lander!   *******
icon Well made. I found it very difficult though, and not necessarily in a good way. The landings need to be extremely sensitive or you explode. It looks like you basically have to fall from a pixel above the landing pad or you explode. The 5x landing pad is harder to get to than the 10x landing pad.
Need For Brakes   ******
Ran smoothly and was straight-forward to play. The configuration UI worked well. It's a game of reflexes because you can't see where you're going and have to just try to stay off the walls. I expected to be able to "drift", like in asteroids, but sadly you cannot. I didn't find it fun.
Santas Fight   *******
icon Well done. The mouse lagged a bit wheneer I wasn't clicking madly, but it was OK when I was (and I was). It's not my type of game so I didn't enjoy it much, but it was worth playing just for the "special" level. ;D
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