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IOTD: A scene from the game
A scene from the game
A scene from the game, by muratayik

Actually a better explanation is in the game itself, but at the time of writing the project is in queue. You can get the playable game from the link below. Don't be fooled by the word "game", it is a one-level demo-like...err..thingie!

The mechs have smooth skeletal animation, rifle has zoom, collision detection uses ellipsoids,.. and that's all about it! There actually is a skybox but it is not obvious since the terrain is a giant box with an open-top. Lack of lighting and good modeling makes everything look bad, but that's gonna change soon.

Don't forget to read the readme file before playing.
Wow...I'll check it out soon...
Textures are a little repetative, but i like the classicness of it ^.- - Ceagon Xylas
Tried to run it but got an error message saying:
"OpenGL grafik modu acilamadi"

I'm guessing that its an OpenGL error. Did you require your settings or hit them? Hinting might be a better idea.. - Dustin Dettmer
Try lowering the colordepth and zdepth settings in the ini file to 16. Also I found a problem with some drivers, texture sizes must be power_of_two(like 512*512) otherwise it runs too slow. If you still can't run it, post here and I will make a new package. - muratayik
Looking nice :) - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
Works preety well, but there's no gameplay at all :D Anyway I've noticed no bugs during the 3 minute test ;) - Krzych Stah
The settings are REQUIRED. Only a friend tested it. As I mentioned in the readme, I hurried too much to pack it till Nov_1. After about one year of work, I had to add these in 3 weeks: weapons, sfx&mus, AI, gamestates, etc. Only skeleton system and collision detection is mature, but still not complete. The next things in my list are medium quality lighting and better weapon use. I guess it will be ready Dec_1, didn't plan it yet, I'm still drunk :) - muratayik
:). Well I'd like to try it if you could release a new version that only HINTs the settings so it'll work on my computer. - Dustin Dettmer
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