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IOTD: Edge anti-aliasing of allegro sprites
Edge anti-aliasing of allegro sprites
Edge anti-aliasing of allegro sprites, by Tony Kramer

This is a side by side example of my anti-aliasing libray in action. It's zoomed in at 2X and 3X to show what it is doing to the image. I wrote the library because I didn't like what the other anti-aliasing libraries on were doing. I didn't want to have to stick to a small image and scale it up to have everything blurry. Not to mention the speed hit some of them cause (2xSAI is the exception to slowness but you still have to scale up). This library just works on the edges of sprites in their native resolution so it's fairly quick. It only takes about twice as long to do the masked blit and filter it's edges compared to just a masked blit. You can take a look for yourselves at
Very interesting!, however it would be nice a little demo.exe, with a more complex background.
Or at least can you post more images, but like I said with more complex backgrounds? - Paul whoknows
I was mostly concentrating on getting this library to work at a reasonable speed. The previous version I was working on was about 10 times slower. I just wanted to toss this out to see if anyone thought this was a worthwhile project for me to finish. Once I add a few things like support for color depths other than 32 bit and do a few speed ups, I'll get the fancy pants demo to show it in a game like setting. - Tony Kramer
It took me a while to understand the meaning of it. Great. It blurrs the edge, but not the inner details of the sprite. It should be called edge blurring or edge softening instead of edge anti-aliasing. But it looks good. I'd like to see an image with sprites on a patterned background. Or a real game background. And sprites overlapping each other. - Johan Halmén
Wow! Pretty nice :) - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
Looks like something out of the PSP. :) - Soga
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