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IOTD: DCGG playing around
DCGG playing around
DCGG playing around, by Dennis Busch

The project(still my Dynamic Color Gradient Generater) i'm working on has reached a state, where i start to enjoy working on it again(after a lot of boring coding), spending more time playing around with it than on coding on and on.:)
The pic up there kind of reminds me of that school picture backdrop that was popular in the late 80's and early 90's.

Because it was part of the pricy package, I never got to pose with it. Your gradient generator has uncovered feelings of shame... - Gideon Weems
Haha, I wish our school picture backdrop was that cool, the only "custom option" is like, a pink background.

Great job. Dunno what it's for, but it looks great. - Evan Wilson
Soo... cool! *.* - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
Another great pic! Nice. - dthompson
now it's time to beat this 4'8 second rendering time ! - GullRaDriel
Very neat, if you could get it to happen at a resonable fps on most computers you could create some wavy/moving effects, etc and have a really nice screen saver or menu backdrop (maybe for a hippy game or something? -- dunno) Looks cool! - Michael Jensen
Pretty!! - Ceagon Xylas
Well a bit of real time could be done I guess, if you reduce the quality: (counting above image size above, which introduce a small error)
645 * 506
326370 / 4.8
67993.750000 / 10
So.. You might be able to do 80*80 at 10 FPS. If you then stretch_blit them on the entire bitmap you get a full screen real time effect. Not at a high quality though, but it might look cool. :) - Kent Larsson
Evan said:
Dunno what it's for
Neither do i.I think it'll be just for being a nice tool to quickly stomp out some cool looking pics, which can then be taken to any paint suite as raw material for backdrops or so. I can imagine interesting gradients(not this one though) could look nice for example as backdrops for character drawings...:)

GullRaDriel and Michael said:
time to beat this 4'8 second rendering time
if you could get it to happen at a resonable fps
Sorry if that dissapoints anyone, but it is not designed for realtime use and i really can't see any way of greatly speeding it up. But well, full sources will be released with the final release, so everybody can see for themselves.:)
But again, i think due to the way i mix the colors, it is(and i don't like to use the word but...) impossible to get this to run in realtime at reasonable fps.:(
(You could of course make animations from pre-rendered images.) - Dennis Busch
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