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IOTD: A clone of Total Annihilation using OpenGl
A clone of Total Annihilation using OpenGl
A clone of Total Annihilation using OpenGl, by Zuzuf

I'm making a clone of the famous RTS: Total Annihilation. This project is under GPL and uses Allegro and AllegroGl. Currently (ver. 0.0.7) it loads original game data (maps, units,... but not yet weapons) and displays a map with a unit (the commander) you can move and order to build something. There are some nice graphical effects like littles waves on lava and water, shadowed units, smoke and a few other particles based effects. This shot shows well what can be done with only single texturing and no lighting effect at all (only for the ground). The project page is: (sorry it's in french)
Cool graphs *.* - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
Pertty! - Archon
Wow, that looks cool! Reminds me a bit of Warcraft III.
Will this program run without the original game? - Michael Faerber
/me bows to Zuzuf!

Great job!

If you ever need a mirror, I'd be more then happy to help! - phate
It bugged me the original TA did not support openGL, besides that the AI of the game often sucked. Well it would certainly be nice to see such enhancements. Since the rest of the game rocked! Wish the TA source was released... - Gerwin Broers
thanks to all of you,
I known there is already a good TA remake but it was not ported to linux when I started my TA3D and there were a few things that made me start my own project. TASpring does not support all original TA features files (maps and all), and you need to convert some of them. I don't want that for TA3D, it's why you can use maps from the original TA. - Zuzuf
That looks very nice, especially the land :) - dthompson
If you do not know already, there is a really good TA remake being done already, check it out

Though your remake is really nice too:) - Avenger
I was going to say from the screen shot that it looked like TA ;) Lookin good! 8-) - Michael Jensen
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