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IOTD: Model loader under OpenGL
Model loader under OpenGL
Model loader under OpenGL, by kronoman

Well, this is a screenshoot of a early model loader and renderer that I'm doing for my next game, I'm just learning OpenGL and I want to do a simple 3D game to start, so I'm writing the base code right now.
The model was done with Wings, textured with The GIMP, and the program was done by me from scratch using AllegroGL+Allegro, and reading tutorials from Pixelate and Nehe.

Hmm... that's cool ^.- - Ceagon Xylas
A great idea is to make a game you would consider doing in 2D with 3D graphics. For example, do 2D Pong with nice 3D graphics and camera effects.

If you feel you must make a 3D game with 3D graphics, then check out ODE, Open Dynamics Engine: it's an excellent resource with excellent documentation. - Daniel McKinnon
I've looked into doing 3d gfx, trying nehe and other tutorials, even though it looks simple (and belive me, show it to a non programmer, you might even get laughed at), I understand that this is quite a feat. Good job! + Congrats!

A side note: We need more 3D games for the Depot. Even if pong with neat camera effects... Good luck on yours -- It'd be neat if someone would put together a 3D for dummies tutorial that people like me could use to get started..
. - Michael Jensen
Looks great, but you have to remember that opposing sides add up to 7 on a die/dice whatever. :-p
(Realist) - Miles Lombardi
Looks great. Although the one and the six should be on opposite sides. ;D - DanielH
Very nice :) I've always wanted to build one of these... - dthompson
I dunno nothing about 3d graphics... those tuts seem great, since you could do that just by them ;) - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
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