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RPG Intro
RPG Intro, by Moving Shadow

Here is a screenshot of the movie from the intro to my RPG. I am hoping that someone can provide a huge chunk of webspace for me to upload the whole thing. Until then, enjoy a screenie!
How much space do you need? - phate
You MUST show us this! This looks amazing. - Soga
Pedro: I'm afraid its not made with free software, in fact it was very expensive Cinema4D R9!

Phate: The whole movie is *HUGE!*, 92~ MB. I can make a shortened version I guess... - Moving Shadow
If you can resize/compress it or somehow make it smaller, then you can host it on - Paul Pridham
A 92 MB intro movie... Are you going to be distributing the game on DVD? - Trumgottist
Trumgottist: Why yes I am, or multiple CD's. I've spent the best part of 4 years making it, so I'm hoping to make a small profit from it! The amount of bitmaps and avi's used mean I'm going to have to distribute on CD (or maybe even DVD). - Moving Shadow
amazing.... - ahmet yilmaz
Is she turning into a statue, or wearing painted-on clothing? - Goodbytes
Lightning and undies... together at last - Jim Sinha
xD nice - Ceagon Xylas
Hmm... well, that's interesting, but I'd much rather see shots from the game itself. - Sirocco
Hmm, Didnt impress me. Anyway, Keep doing good job. - Exitialis
Young Game Developer! Remember that mostly all RPG projects DIE due to over ambition. If you want to get it complete I have three suggestions.

A.) Keep it REALLY small.
B.) Don't put this calibre of effort into the whole thing.
C.) Get lots of money and hire people to help you.

Even suggestion C should follow suggestion A and B

Good Luck Young Grasshopper! - Daniel McKinnon
Daniel: Thanks for the advice! I'm aware that many, many great ideas for RPG's get started then just fade away due to over ambitious attempts to recreate some amazing idea that people have. However, I am determined to get mine finished, and, whilst the in-game graphics are *nice*, they in no way match the FMV that is used for the intro! - Moving Shadow
I can host it if you want/need, I was afraid of like 600MB, 96MB is nothing for me. - phate
Is it cold in here, or are you smuggling tic-tacs? - Dylan O
Do you have her phone number ? - ahuillet
Oi! Leave here nips alone! It's cold outside when your harnessing lightning!!! - Moving Shadow
Try, they're a bit weird but they'll give you some free space no questions asked. (This isn't a weird advertisement, btw, I'm just another crazy allegro-er who wants to help ya) - Matt Carr
Very cool, really. Did you do it in a free modeler? I am hoping someone can host that thing as well for me to watch it ;) - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
I have my ISP site I can host it on. Email the file to me if it isn't grossly oversized to and I'll upload it for others to see the entirity of it:). - Death Gauge
@Moving Shadow: I've got a nice hosting package, which I don't really use atm. You can contact met at kvince83 at :) - Vincent Junemann
Got a problem with it, Chris? :P - Soga
Commercial software or now, that's some mighty fine work you did. Give yourself a pat on the back (and a cold shower :) ) - Squirrel Havoc
*Adds that to my notebook of world domination tips...

And let us know when you get it hosted so we can suck someone's bandwidth dry :) How long is the intro? - Adol
She's a little... *ehem* pointy. ;) - Chris Katko
Thanks for the praise! Sorry to hear that your not impressed, I will double my efforts ::)

As soon as I get a minute on my home pc I will render a cut down version and will take up those offers for hosting. - Moving Shadow
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