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IOTD: Small strings physical engine
Small strings physical engine
Small strings physical engine, by John Doe

Hello guys.
As a part of my graduation project at high scool in computer graphics I decided to build a physical engine similiar to the ones which are widely used in modern games today (the ragdoll stuff). Although my project is still pretty far from anything similiar to the commercial or the open source physical engines I'm proud of the result.

The goal of the project was to simulate a deformation of a ball upon collision with a wall. Now that the project has been submitted I decided to release it to the open source community in a hope that some people will find something useful in my (unperfect ;)) code.

The project features the following things:
Dynamic Lighting and different light sources such as Ambient, Diffusive, Point light and Spotlight. Additionally I've implemented Shadow ZBuffer which creates a very nice shadow effect.
The project uses Allegro functions as well as "home made" functions I wrote myself such triangle rasterizers with ZBuffer support, flat, gouraund and wireframe modes, everything with Allegro's putpixel ;).

As for the physical part of the project there are 2 models, a box and a ball which you can bounce around the game space.

I also created a small GUI library which supports menus, toolbars, buttons, dialogs, edit boxes, statusbars, all made from scratch.

For those interested in getting the project or the source code you can look here:
For additional project details look here (controls etc):

On that projects page you can also find a project of my friend who has done an amazing work aswell, a terrain generator that builds the terrain off topographic maps (which will be submitted here later ;)), it features light maps, even better triangle rasterizers written in assembler, skinnable interface and much more.
Nice! Yeah looks a little early on, but keep it up. - Ceagon Xylas
Additionally I've implemented Shadow ZBuffer which creates a very nice shadow effect.
Friends don't let friends implement perspective shadow maps :)

Other than that, looks pretty neat. - Bob
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