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IOTD: Beary's Bash 2
Beary's Bash 2
Beary's Bash 2, by Mark Oates

in light of the huge success of the first game... ahem... you know, since I completed the game and all... ahem....

I have decided to release a sequel to Beary's Bash!! I and my team of marketing wizards have strategically chosen the name Beary's Bash 2, with additional spin-offs in the works to the infamous dynasty: Beary's Birthday Bash, Beary's Barmitsva Bash, Beary's Bongo-Bangin Banana Bash.. Blaven! And believe me, the alliteration can go on forever!

so far, Beary's Bash 2 is graphically miles ahead of it's predecessor, using Fladmir's wonderful OpenLayer library. I have softened up the style and given it a more cartoony (and less mario) look.

One nice programming feature is the new use of sloped and curved floors. Running over the rolling hills not only makes the game-play more enjoyable, it also makes the graphics quite nice to look at, as you can see in this recent screenshot.

The objectives and gameplay are not quite set in stone at this point. I would like to have a traditional platform game that mixes the adventure of Metroid and the easy playability of the Mario games. It all depends on what works best. :)
Is the bear a representation of your furry and cuddly inner self? - Archon
What data structures and algorithms did you use for the (arbitrarily-placed ?) ruffled-edge flooring? - Jim Sinha
Nice look! Sloped and curved floors are sweet. - Goodbytes
Lookin' good. - Sirocco
My girlfriend would love this game. xD
I like the art alot! Good job! - Ceagon Xylas
Thanks a lot for the support everybody. The graphics were drawn on a vector program and I converted them to sprites with PaintShopPro. As for the flooring, you can get the code for it in [url][/url this thread - Mark Oates
Nice! I thought the original was badass - Gnatinator
Looks wonderful Mark! :) - Richard Phipps
Whoa, that looks awesome Mark! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to try the game :) - Mika Halttunen
Yeah, it looks incredibly cute! It looks better with every screenshot you show... :) - Fladimir da Gorf
I'm sorry, isn't that screenshot looking _alot_ like Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Emerald Hills act beggining? Anyway, incredible graphs there, man :D - Pedro Avelar Gontijo
It looks swell :) - Zaphos
BTW, are the gfx hand drawn? :) - Richard Phipps
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