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IOTD: Yet Another Tron-Style Game
Yet Another Tron-Style Game
Yet Another Tron-Style Game, by Niunio

I know, there are a lot of Tron cycle games arround, as TronGL, Armagetron, Cycles3D, Revo Tron... Some are really great and other aren't so cute. So, why do I do another one?

My first complete finished game ever was a Tron 2D written in GW-BASIC using text blocks. Few years after I did a new one using a few better EGA graphics, also in GW-BASIC. That was about 15 years ago. (Man, I'm getting old...).

Some years ago I discovered Armagetron and I spent a lot of time playing with it. It's really good, but it hasn't all features I want in a Tron-style game. I downloaded TronGL, Cycles3D and Revo Tron, all them are cool but they didn't fit my pleasure.

A week ago I decided to write my third Tron game, and here you have what I did 'ntil today.

The top-left screenshot is the earliest shoot I did. The top-right shows the cycle; you see I've stolen the Armagetron's byke but I'm not sure if I'll use it in the final release. The bottom-left shoot was taken this morning, when the byke started to move, and the final one shows the byke in a half-turn motion.

Some planned stuff:

  • Very accurate collisions. You'll can ride very close the walls.
  • Multiple acceleration control: Fixed, boost, constant, hall accel...
  • Up to 4 players at same computer.
  • Multiple AI opponents.
  • Net players (hope, but I can't promise it).
  • Custom art-pack (models, textures, sounds...): classic, movie, Harley-Davidson...
  • Multiple cameras.

I haven't a release date.
Nice, the world can always use another light cycle game! - nonnus29
Looging good. Hope it does have net support - Squirrel Havoc
Looks good. I hope its not as fussy as GLTron. - phate
You can always use my objloader/3dsloader for AllegroGL if you are doing GL... my 3ds support is still limited though. BTW it looks good I loved xarmagetron :) - Steve Terry
Looks good so far!

I'm guessing you really liked the movie. ;D - Adol
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