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IOTD: Marduk Project - Megaman X Legacy
Marduk Project - Megaman X Legacy
Marduk Project - Megaman X Legacy, by The Master

This is a snapshot from the test of my new platform engine called Marduk. This will be used in my upcoming game saga Megaman X Legacy.
The engine is written with Allegro 4, and uses some midi looping code I've written myself. It has taken me seven months to write and I'm still patching it for bugs. You can expect a final release of the first game in this series on the depot very early 2006.
I've used game sprites ripped from the Megaman X games (courtesy of Capcom and Shyguy Kingdom). But the backgrounds and levels used in the games are drawn by me.
The engine was made with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, which explains why I've taken so long to get coding. You see, the new compiler and Allegro took a while to get used to each other. But now that everything is settled I can now make some proper games.
I wrote thts cuz i like keeping people in suspense. Why? Shouldn't I have written that? - The Master
Does Megaman's weapon explode violently if he doesn't hold it horizontally? - Jim Sinha
What do you mean? That's the SNES MMX interface I've reproduced there. You charge up and then fire. I don't understand what you're saying. - The Master
Yay! I miss MeganMan =] - Ceagon Xylas
Neat, can't wait for the demo... As for the explosion comment, I think Jim was mocking Megaman for not being able to shoot at angles. Don't worry, Megaman won't explode for shooting diagonally, or up, or any other direction; he just can't, something to do with how his arms were welded on... - Michael Jensen
Good :) Let's wait for a demo.
Did you voluntarily write 2006? I hope it is a typo :) - Marco Radaelli
Oh no :) I just meant that one year of waiting is a long time, I hope you could give us a demo early :) - Marco Radaelli
Looking good. Are you going for an 8bit or 16bit look to it? It looks like an early SNES game. Still looks cool though! :) - Squirrel Havoc
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