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IOTD: The Village - RTS
The Village - RTS
The Village - RTS, by imaxcs


Yes, you've read right. This is not an RPG, as it might look at first. The reason for this might be that I use RPG-Maker 2000 - gfx.

It is my second attempt on making such a game, my first try mainly failed because I underestimated how big it would get. But I should talk about this one:
It's kind of a mix between several RTS', including "The Settlers" and "Age Of Empires". I want to take the best out of several worlds and smash them together in one game. Here is a list of features that are already implemented:
* selecting/deselecting of objects
* path-finding ( A* )
* weather-effects
* giving direct/indirect orders to humans
* production-chains for bread and wood
* work-/freetime for humans

Things that are not yet implemented:
* missions
* main-menu
* humans attributes
* anything else, I can't think of right now :)

I would consider the game as 40% finished, with the core-components/engine mainly done. I am - as most of you - looking for an artist, because I can't find any more graphics like the ones I already use ( mainly houses ).

I hope this project goes on well and would really appreciate your feedback! :)
Oh yes, would reconize that chipset anywhere. This looks pretty good though, I hope you finish! - Ceagon Xylas
I must admit, I find it really refreshing that it's not an RPG. So, what does the screenshot show off? Like, what are the red and blue arrows and the little bubbles on the interface bar?

I hope the game turns out well. - Gideon Weems
I hope it goes on well too :)
I had not played 'The Settlers' but I played 'AOE'.
Anyway I generally like RTS games, so I really hope you finish this project. - Marco Radaelli
Like, what are the red and blue arrows and the little bubbles on the interface bar?
The red/blue arrows show where a human is working: the arrow is blue, if the human is working AT the house and red, if he is working as a carrier, carrying things from the house to the kontor ( the house with the red roof to the right ).
What do you mean by little bubbles? The sqaures and the two arrows on the left are the building-menu and the bar on the left bottom is the time-indicator. If you click on a human, you can change the time when he should work and when he has freetime there.

Thanks for your feedback! :) - imaxcs
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