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IOTD: Crystal Hunter - Platform Game Project
Crystal Hunter - Platform Game Project
Crystal Hunter - Platform Game Project, by Murray Bozinsky

Crystal Hunter is a game, I have been working on (more or less) for more than about 2 years. This project is inspired by Crystal Caves, an Apogee game from sometime around 1990. The goal is to collect all Crystals on a level, and leave it then through the level-exit-gate. Finally - if I ever find the time to finish it - the game will have a bunch of different enemies, elevators, traps, am main level from which you can reach the single levels and some nice menus.
The gfx consists of modified sprites from SpriteLib, stolen & modified gfx from Crystal Caves and a few self-made sprites.
Looks cool. I like the menu stuff on the editor screenshot. - William Heatley
Reminds me of Happyland Adventures (both the use of SpriteLib and the concept). (Which isn't a bad thing.) - drew
looks pretty neat indeed! - Stefan Hendriks
I second Drew. Looks pretty good and that editor looks professional. - OICW
Have you ever noticed that all games with fruit are cool? - Jim Sinha
Thanks for your positive comments. Right now I'm thinking about completely rewriting the engine. The code became kind of messy over the years... - Murray Bozinsky
It sort of does have an apogee-ish feel to it... Also, I love the fact that you use the allegro gui in your editor (or a look a-like, but I doubt it...) - Michael Jensen
In fact, it is the Allegro GUI. It's perfect for my editor. However the implementation still needs some finetuning :/
If you are interested in my sourcecode send a mail to - Murray Bozinsky
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