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IOTD: Dune 2 - The Maker in action with an air-attack against the Ordos
Dune 2 - The Maker in action with an air-attack against the Ordos
Dune 2 - The Maker in action with an air-attack against the Ordos, by Stefan Hendriks

This screenshot is taken from a WIP version of the upcoming 0.95. With improved gfx (thanks to Vidiware, who offered his time to help me with that), and a lot of bug fixes + a lot of new features. This is one of the features, assemble an air-force and strike at once. You can see the turrets defending the base.

The eventual result is that the ornithopters (aircraft) win, due the huge amount i queued later in the game (27 on screenshot, 99 at max). I had to cheat though ;) ... hey! I am developing/testing now remember!? :)
Looking nice. - SonShadowCat
Really cool, looks better than original Dune! - kronoman
Not to be too critical but the sidebar looks like it's hogging the screen -- other than that it looks rockin'. - Michael Jensen
yes, this screenshot is taken with the lowest possible resolution (800x600). The gfx are doubled and such. Its recommended to play on 1024x768 (or even higher, LCD mode preferred) for optimal gameplay. - Stefan Hendriks
Looks very good. And good idea to add more sides of conflict in skirmish, but there should be some different units for them (ie. sardaukar troops, fremen soldiers). Can't wait for the full version. - OICW
That sidebar is really huge, I don't a higher resolution helps very much. Can it be made smaller or hidden when you don't need it? - Trezker
the sidebar is a fixed pixel size. So the higher the resolution. The more relatively you see on screen, and the less the sidebar takes in place. And no, it can't be resized smaller. - Stefan Hendriks
Hey, this is one of the more exciting IotD's I've seen in a while. I hope the gameplay is as good as it looks. - Gideon Weems
I am excited to see your dune 2 remake project is still active. The previous version was already fun and very promising. - Gerwin Broers
sweet - Gnatinator
I second that sweet. - Adol
somehow my project got rejected. Working on that now :S - Stefan Hendriks
Thanks Matthew for fixing up my account(s). Project page updated to latest demo available. (this is not 0.95 however, shown on the IOTD). - Stefan Hendriks
the gameplay is quite ok. I am not 100% satisfied as there are some bugs that could irritate you a bit. I am polishing that up, but it takes a while to find the bugs. Thx for the support/interests shown here! :) Updates can be seen at or at the project page i hopefully get once its approved at here ;) - Stefan Hendriks
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