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IOTD: Dice board
Dice board
Dice board, by Johan Halmén

I made with Pov-Ray this image to get an idea of how my game would look like. It is a colorline type puzzle game where you roll dice on the board and try to create combinations. I've prerendered all the dice, I have a huge bitmap, 2600*1200, that holds 41*12 sprites, that's all possible die rolls from one face to another face in any of 4 directions. Each roll is animated with 10 frames.

This image shows more than what will be seen in the game. I reused a chess board (from Pov-Ray's examples) with the shiny finish. I won't have reflections in my game. And the dice won't cast shadows on the board or on each other.

So the dice are prerendered already, but I could change their colour using filters and other tools in Gimp. But I won't go through the actual rendering more times. The board can easily be
changed. Since the dice are rolled along the board, the pattern should be something like this chessboard, so the player can estimate how to roll the dice. The board pattern is red granite/white marble. Should I use wood instead?
i wood, would be nice, black/wooden, nice image, by the way meaby you want to turn off the relfection so when roll different numbers it dosne't look crappy - flares
very nice - Ceagon Xylas
I have to stick to the wooden dice, because they are already rendered (tough job). I must try out the blue colours, maybe blue canvas or denim.

One thing that I noticed was that the faces 4, 5 and 6 seem to run clockwise. They usually run counter-clockwise. I must have had a mirrored die as a model when I created the object. Not that it matters much. But when playing the game, you have to guess what face will turn up, f.i. when you roll the toppmost die. Just rolling it to check what comes up will waste your turns. I should have checked more dice before I created the object. - Johan Halmén
Reflections should be easy when you think about it.
Looks good though, I'll be interested to see how things work out. - Randal Stackpoole
If you use wood for the floor I would switch to white enamel dice. Otherwise I would use a blue marble texture to contrast nicely with the brown of the dice.

Otherwise it looks good and an interesting idea! :) - Richard Phipps
I won't have reflections, since I use prerendered sprites. I'd need another 2600*1200 pixel map for the prerendered reflection images of the rolling dice. If the game won't look good enough, I'll simply have to consider another approach. F.i. realtime polygon rendering with a pattern that occupies the whole face of the die. Using a fabric texture won't demand reflections :). Besides, the width of the die will be 50 pixels, so it will be smaller than the image above. More like in the thumbnail on starting page of - Johan Halmén
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