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IOTD: what tryp is capable of today
what tryp is capable of today
what tryp is capable of today, by Kévin Renard

this image is a screenshot of what the graphical motor of tryp (the game i am coding now) is capable at the moment (the screenshot whas made by tryp himself ;-)
I've just finished to code the light functionnalities but not very seeable on this screen.
Stunning! - Ceagon Xylas
Looks almost commercial-grade! The only problem seems to be that field of dirt seems to be a bit off, the perspective makes the dirt look more like it's being viewed top-down than from a 1/4 perspective, which the rest of the model seems to follows. - Soga
Nice looking!
Tell us more about your engine. What are its capabilities? And what are you using to make it, AllegroGL, SDL, DirectX, a mix of these ones? - CascoOscuro
Tripe also happens to be a revolting food involving cooked cows guts or something!!

Anyhoo the screenshot sure looks good, impressive texturing! - Number Six
Awesome - lucaz
Wow! Looks very nice, cant wait to see a demo! - Kid Russia
Nice screenshot, are you by any chance aware of the American conotations of the word "tripe"?

tripe -
Informal. Something of no value; rubbish.

If this is a serious game, you might want to choose another name:) - Ashteth
Nice texturing. :) - Gnatinator
Nice use of HL and CS textures. :D

Still Great though. - Timorg
Demo, demo!
We want a demo!
Very nice :) - Mithrandir
thx for your comments!
ashteh> tryp is a little distortion of "trip", but the signification we gave it in france (=delirium) - Kévin Renard
this engine is coded with allegro and allegrogl and is intended for a real time strategy game
for the moment it can just only load a 3ds objet and his textures, render this object and lights
but I haven't a lot of time for working on so capabalities are incrising very slowly ;-) - Kévin Renard
timorg > I don't know if it is hl and cs textures because its just a "5mn" done object made by a friend for the game so... - Kévin Renard
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