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IOTD: Trade Essence Online Edition - Stats
Trade Essence Online Edition - Stats
Trade Essence Online Edition - Stats, by Moonsdescend

This is the stats screen from my latest project(and first that you guys know about), Trade Essence Online Edition.

The idea I have with this game is that you can play online with out having to rely on someone else being on the server at the same time. ie. You can play for a while, and someone else might play an hour after you, but you are all still playing the same game, think of the old BBS game LORD bought into the 21st Century. You will be able to fight other people, improve technology, build things, etc.

It's mostly going to be a text based game, but at least it will look alot prettier than just plain text.

The game is definately in it's early stages.

Any feedback is more than welcome!
Looks excilent! - Ceagon Xylas
The demo is still a mile off.
However I like the proposition about the monkeys, not sure about the guy name Bob though. Do you have a Bubba? :D

The biggest challenge for me in this game is connecting to my MySQL server. Always seem to get errors when I compile.
Oh well. I'll do my best to make it different than the browser based game.

I have some pretty interesting ideas that will be tried out on this project!! :D - Moonsdescend
Interesting idea. I wonder how the game will look and work. I'd hate to see it end up as a compiled version of all those browser based games. Looks good though, and therefore I am expecting a demo in my hands NOW!!! ASAP!!! PRONTO!!! Lest I kill you with your own lies and let you be fondled my 5 monkeys and some guy named Bob.

// please pardon the man behind the keyboard... :D - phate
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