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IOTD: Eine kleine jätteorm
Eine kleine jätteorm
Eine kleine jätteorm, by Inphernic

One of the deadly bosses (Jormungand) of my project is about to rip the player a new ventilation hole with The Allmighty Jormungand Flash Special DX Panic Dokidoki Attack (well, it's not THAT dangerous or cool, but it does cause the player to writhe in agony for several minutes and force him/her to gouge his/her eyes out with a rusty spoon while singing country classics till the day he/she dies).

Release date? Soon..

Very soon..

Very very very soon indeed..
The pastoral beauty of the countryside is surpassed only by the menacing power of the jormungund. If the player loses you should make the backround explode in a nuclear fireball; burn in eternal jormungand fire!!

PS what does jormungand mean? - nonnus29
You've been burninated! - William Heatley
I like it, though, the ship doesn't fit in well. It looks a little to drawn. Otherwise it's just awsome, can't wait for a demo. - razor
Sweet can't wait to try it. looks fantastic! - phate
It must have taken a long time to draw that gorgeous background!

Yeah.. it took some time to find a good background from a stock photo site and hit "Save Image As..." from my browser..

This is why I asked for someone to do those backgrounds at one point (some of you may remember the thread). I am The Suck with graphics unless it's something small. - Inphernic
I am so looking forward to this game, ever since I saw the first shots from it. - Corelian
Looks great! You might want to add a tail piece to the serpent, though. - Mika Halttunen
Unless someone is willing to redo all of the graphics, the graphics are going to stay.

I'm not completely happy with them myself, and I recognize all of the aforimentioned "issues" and then some, but - I don't have enough skill, and no-one seems to be willing to help.

The tail piece will be added, though.

Anyway, the game is pretty much complete, hovering around 20000 lines (~700KB of source). Still some resources and testing to do.. - Inphernic
It must have taken a long time to draw that gorgeous background! ;) Seriously, looks great! Can't wait for demo. - Samuel Henderson
Wow, looks great.
I hope gameplay is good too. ;) - Trezker
I like your meters, the icon for your weapon, the rain, and the fireballs... so basically I like the graphics! :) The background is a little strange with for the gameplay perspective. Very interesting, though -- I can't wait to try it out! - Mark Oates
Lighting on the ship doesn't correspond very well with the background, but over all it looks nice. :) - Krzysztof Kluczek
nonnus29 said:
PS what does jormungand mean?
Jörmungand is the great serpent that encircles Midgård. - gnolam
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