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IOTD: Atomic Butcher: The Plunge
Atomic Butcher: The Plunge
Atomic Butcher: The Plunge, by William Heatley

Atomic Butcher: The Plunge

Atomic Butcher: The Plunge is a "remake" of Atomic Butcher in 3D. It's not a full remake, it will only have redo the feel, textures, and idea behind Atomic Butcher. The levels, enemies, and other things will be different.

As it stands I'm developing everything by copying the first level, as you can see in the pictures (maybe). Only the first part of the tutorial level is "complete," there's still a lot of level to build.

The game is based on my Massah engine, which I developed during the production of Frosted. Massah uses Irrlicht, Audiere and a custom scripting system. The Massah engine is not near completion, and it isn't intended to be complete by the end of AB:TP. Instead it is an ongoing project, growing with each game I make.

No demo yet. I want to finish the first level before I release a demo.

On another note I contacted Indeterminatus, of DasHumanKapital, about this awhile ago but it seems that he might be on Christmas break, since he hasn't read the PM I sent him. Oh well.
When I first saw the shots, I thought: Hey, Half-Life! :-) - Micah Crow
Wow, that looks wonderful. I can't wait for the demo! - Soga
With yellow-steam hardware, I'd really be immersed. - Jim Sinha
Thanks for the comments! - William Heatley
Looks good, reminds me Quake 2. Waiting for demo. - OICW
Looks like a rival to Half Life 2 ;) - X Archon
What can I say ... I feel honored :) - Indeterminatus
Haha, this is absolutely great! I just came back from vacation, and when I saw this, I could hardly believe my eyes...thanks, I'm totally flattered! :) - Roland Moritz
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