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IOTD: Decadence main menu
Decadence main menu
Decadence main menu, by CascoOscuro

This is the main menu of "Decadence", the platform game i'm coding.
I was looking for an austere look for this with not too many details, with only the background of a middle part in the story.

Another thing is that i don't like too much the title of the game, so I accept suggestions for it :D.

And another kind of suggestions, of course! :D
Wow! I like your graphic style. I'm curious about how the sky backdrop would look in motion, though. - Gideon Weems
Ooooo, nice looking. - William Heatley

It's easier to come up with a name if we know what the game is about. Otherwise it could be anything. Fnurglewitz! - Johan Peitz
I think it looks just great! I like the clean style.

What's up with the guy's right arm? - Per Larsson
looks great, is that a robotic hand on him, is grappling hook/ray gun/machine one combo,? anyways seems good, and any game with cel shaded gfx and mutant chinkens should be good. - flares
it's beautiful, I'd like to see it in motion! How about if he gets bionic implants to help him on his quest? - Mark Oates
(oops... throw not through :|) - Dennis Busch
That player is 3D? I'm liking it! :D

And a platformer even. DEMO!!1 - 23yrold3yrold
About the name... Flashback and Total Recall comes to mind but they're taken. :) How about something using the words awakening or forgotten? - Johan Peitz
Well, you can see that he doesn't have a hand in his robotic arm: that's why he has an internal multimode weapon, that is, many weapons inside the arm. But you need to collect specific charges for each weapon in the game.

The arm is a part of the story: you will see it ;), but as a prelude i can say that is like a "devil agreement".

About the bionic implants i don't think the character wants to revive his experience with the arm ;D., but he will fight with many mutant bionic enemies, such as the first boss.

And about the names, i was thinking in "Pollo Age" o "Pollo awakening" (pollo means chicken). What do you think?

And again thank you for the comments :). - CascoOscuro
Pollo is also the italian word for chicken :D
Go for it ;D - Marco Radaelli
Considering all that thought that went into the design of
the arm and the fact that it is a mayor part in the storyline,
plus having the arm being a "devil agreement",
i would call the game:

"Arm a Geddon" :P

(You may through your eggs and tomatoes now! ;) ) - Dennis Busch
That's cool ;D. Maybe i'll put this title in another game ;). - CascoOscuro
Thanks for the comments :).
The game is a 2d platform, but with a bit of perspective and billboards made in 3d with cel shading. Also i've sent a previous IOTD with the design of the first level: an asylum, but in that image there wasn't any character( main character, enemies, etc) so the perspective feeling was a bit strange (some people told me that a plant such LeChuck looks like a wall painting ;)): That's because they are near to the wall. The characters are more far.

And the story, the main character is in a asylum and he has amnesia. He must escape and progressively he will remember his horrible story. Also he'll remember that is the one to save the world of an invasion of mutant chickens. - CascoOscuro
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