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IOTD: Graphic adventure game engine in development
Graphic adventure game engine in development
Graphic adventure game engine in development, by kronoman

Well, this is a screenshoot of my desktop, while I'm working in the development of a graphic adventure game engine.
I'm doing this engine together with a friend from college.
We are in very early stages of development, since we started like 2 weeks ago.
In the pic you can see the console that the engine has, that is the most functional part of the engine so far ; it can parse and execute internal commands, and set variables, and parse numerical expressions such as a+b+c, etc, and also execute LUA scripts.
Well, thats all for now, we are working on the core of the engine first, we hope to have a working demo in a couple of months (with luck...).
So far, the engine core has a console system (seen on screenshoot), a logging system (optional, logs to .txt, to debug the engine), a virtual file system that allows to mount/umount datafiles, and search for a object by name or type (fast, using hash and things like that), and bindings for working with LUA scripting, and also a smaller own single-line script language for other stuff.
We are using Linux as our main development system, using jEdit for editing source code and Gimp for graphics. We plan to use other tools too for doing the data for the game, when the game engine be done.
The source code is all C++ code, and we are using UML to properly design the components of the engine.
Dang, that's impressive. - William Heatley
Thanks for all the feedback!
some more info:

The inventory bar is not shown, because it does a 'auto-hide' each time that you move your mouse up (like a auto-hide Gnome or Windows taskbar)

The current screenshoot is running with graphics from Monkey Island 1 ; GIMP graphics arent show on image (because we don't have a own scene done yet)

The idea with this engine is making a adventure game, with a storyline based on movies such as Mad Max, Easy Rider, Harley Davidson & Marlboro Man, etc and games such as Full Throttle and Outlander (from SEGA, remember)...

well, that's all for now... - kronoman
You did all that in two weeks? Yipes, that's impressive work! Bravo! - Stuart Moore
Very nice work! Do you have a website for it? - brain21
No.. Its intimadating o_O

Awesome work dude, I'm sure its gonna make some awesome games. Near commercial quality by the looks of it. Oh and i like your linux style "[ OK ]" ;) - ImLeftFooted
Yeah, once you have the engine all setup you could pump out a whole line of adventure games. For cash, even!
$10 adventure games! $35 for 4! :) - William Heatley
Looks nice.

and Gimp for graphics
And I thought you used monkey island for that ;) - Ron Ophir

:) - h4l-9k 9000
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