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IOTD: The Blue Crystal Prophecies
The Blue Crystal Prophecies
The Blue Crystal Prophecies, by aybabtu

Here are 4 screenshots from my RPG: "The Blue Crystal Prophecies".

This is my 3rd try at an RPG, and also my best (I will complete
this game!) I've been developing it since May of 2003.

The BCP is based off of 3 great RPGs (in order of importance):
Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (NPC interaction, item/equipment system,
Character customization, has a sort of
"realistic" feeling.)
Final fantasy Adventure (Map design, real-time battle)
Final fantasy 5 (Tiles, character sets)

Anyways, screen by screen:

1. Here we see the first map. I should tell you about this.
This game was based originally off of the GameBoy title "Final Fantasy
Adventure". So, the maps are always 20x15 tiles, and one map is one
screen. Special transitions between the maps fit them together nicely.
That is as far as the similarities go, map wise, though. Blue Crystal
Prophecies's (BCP for short) maps are made of 2 layers. This creates in
effect, 3 layers: Tiles under (passable), Tiles on the same level (unpassable),
and Tiles above (passable under). So, you can walk "behind" all those trees.
The little guy in blue is the player's character. The grey lines are a
temporary stand-in for a rain effect.

2. Where'd the blue guy go? Well, he didn't go anywhere, he just
suited up in Iron Armour! The player character's sprite is actually
comprised of 3 sprites; the head, torso, and legs. This allows for the
player to see what armour is equipped! How sweet it is...
You're going to have to imagine that the armour he is wearing was picked up from the map, as the screenshot was taken at a moment in the code before it draws the items on the map...

3. In this shot, the player has taken off the Iron Helm, and
has equipped an Iron Sword (There are several types of weapon: sword,
longsword, hammer, axe, spear, bow). One great thing about BCP is that
you can randomly slash at NPCs! Of course, they'll fight back, and you
could potentially ruin the storyline, but it's fun for now! The blood
comming out of the NPC is just a little sampling of the blood effects.
If you chop at an NPC, blood gets splattered on the ground under him,
and when he dies, a nice little pool appears. The White bar under the
NPC (now considered an Enemy) is it's life bar.

4. This is a shot of an actual enemy (monster). The blue arrow
was drawn in. It was drawn to show the path of the monster. I'm quite
proud of my half-a$s pathfinding routine! It is really not that great,
but works perfect for the un-complex, small maps in BCP.

Some features not shown in the screenshots:
- Containers: press ENTER on these to get a menu of what's inside for
the taking! (brown "bOX" on screens 1,2, & 3)
- Map Items: When you drop items, instead of them disappearing for ever,
they sit on the map where you dropped them, and you can go
back and pick them up later!
- Custom Class: Instead of only being able to choose from only a few
classes (Fighter, mage, etc.), you can completely
customize your own! Give it it's own name, and change
how it modifies your skills (Attacking, Lockpicking, etc...
12 in all!)
- FPS style Console: Type in one of over 30 commands (mostly for
development purposes).
- Scripting: A really nice scripting engine, all the stuff you need
for an RPG (I'm really proud of my nested if code!).

- Buddies: NPCs that follow you around and help you fight or something right now you can set them to be controlled by the computer or by a second player (one keyboard though)
WOW! Looks great Aybabtu! I want to play it. Your screenshots bring back memories of the old console RPG's that I loved so much. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted on the progress! - Radagar
Sweet! Maybe you should make the characters a bit bigger or more colorful, to make them visible against the background. - jorram
Hmmm... this certainly looks interesting. If you keep moving in odd directions (design-wise) this could end up being a very unique title. Kinda reminds me of some of the old Genesis RPGs. - Sirocco

Me Play! Me Play!
DEMO! DEMO! - phate
Looks nice. I like were you are going- combining PC-style realism of world interaction with a console look and feel. I've always wanted to do something like that myself.

Although those houses look oddly familiar. Reminds me of the ones from Phantasy Star 3. Except not. Like PS3 and FF3(6j/6psx) mixed togther in a psychotic blender.

Me likey. Mandrake want demo now! Or Mandrake smash! Graar! - Mandrake Root Produc
Looks great! Keep up the good work. I want to try this game! - nowiz
Wow! I can't believe you like how it looks/sounds so much! Maybe 'cause I've been working on it for a year, I'm sort of jaded to it's AWESOMENESS! I'll fix up the system I'm working on now, and try to set up a demo! - aybabtu
It's nothing like Final Fantasy VIII, right? ;)

Looks fantastic. I want to play it too. - 23yrold3yrold
Awesome... this looks very good. I'm working on something like this too! Hopefully it won't look like I'm stealing all of your ideas :) Are you putting stealth type stuff in the game? How about magic? - Josh Bolduc
Yeah. Give us a demo ;). We want to randomly hack at NPCs too :P. - krajzega
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