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IOTD: Let's Get Stoopid
Let's Get Stoopid
Let's Get Stoopid, by 23yrold3yrold

It's simply the TMS model being posed. This is just a demonstration of how flexible and easy to pose the armature skeleton for the model is. I went real fancy for the "pfft!" render; motion blur tongue and custom upper eyelid. :D Also note the "buttwave" pose from the very first TMS IotD. ;)

Back to modeling actual game moves now ...
I love it! It's awesome. I can't wait til TMS is out! - Synapse Jumps
It is awesome! We NEED another demo!!! - nonnus29
He looks kinda stoned in that last shot. We need nachos, STAT! - Sirocco
looks cool, got a question thought, you gonna use a 3d model in the game in a 2d gameplay, or you gonna render the images to bitmaps and go straight from that? - flares
You have the skills to do a 3D Game. Why not use that model in one? - X Archon
I hate how it keps converting to jpeg. >_<

You guys sick of these yet? :) - 23yrold3yrold
Nice! :) Are you going to use the upper-right image in some kind of combo attack? ;) - Krzysztof Kluczek
I agree with nonnus, we must have another demo! ;D
Very good work. I like the middle shot, heh, what the heck is going on there? Is that when the evil doer attaches you to some sort of torture device? ;)

I agree, the jpeg compression really sucks on the high quality 3D renderings of late. - Derezo
flares: rendered sprites. I'm thinking of trying 2D gameplay with 3D models sometime, but not this game.

KK: No. :) He'll have other combos though. I'll just plug my journal again so people stop asking me these things ;) ...

Derezo: No tortue; it's just a random pose. None of that stuff is actually going to be in the game.

Thanks for the comments. 8-) - 23yrold3yrold
Well firstly, the model has such an insanely high polycount, I'd have to really give it the once-over to get it in shape for 3D. But more importantly, I have a project to do already. I'm not going to quit TMS to work on something else ... just so I can quit the something else when some other idea comes up ... you get the idea. :)

I've already played with 3D. But I won't do it seriously until it's time. I don't want to be one of those hobby developers with 20 engines and no finished games. :) - 23yrold3yrold
Nice graphics! I checkout out your journal to and it was an interesting read. I´m also waiting for the next demo release! - kentl
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