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IOTD: The struggle continues...
The struggle continues...
The struggle continues..., by hazul

Another rendering of the guitar you saw in the previous IOTD. I've been adjusting it a lot and it's starting to look much nicer (and most importantly, more like the real thing) :))
I still need to make the headstock incl. machine heads, volume knobs etc., cable slot, strap holders and the screws.

More comments, please ;)
At first I thought it was a real picture! At closer still looks real! Course, the grey looks like plastic, but it still looks like real plastic. - William Heatley
Holy sheet, the lighting is just perfect. The knob was the only thing that kept the image from looking totally realistic. - Sirocco
Hazul: How the hell did you steal my guitar! - phate
Why is it lying on the floor?
Put it up against a wall or something. - Trezker
I just said I was. I'm finished with it, too. I ain't showing it until after the party, but it's called "Jazzmaster Hunger". - hazul
My first impression of the smaller image on front page was that this was a photo of the guitar Hazul tried to create in the first place. Great work. Everything is real. Only that the materials are like cheap substitutes. The shade under the neck is a bit odd, too soft or missing. There are some reflections from up-right in the floor texture that shouldn't be there. BTW, is that the right attachment poit for the vibra rod? Between 1st and 2nd string? - Johan Halmén
Wow, looks really nice, but I think the low E string is a bit too thick, while the A and D string have almost the same thickness. - Lennart P
I thought the same thing as Johan when I saw the small preview. What program did you use for rendering it? Nice work! - Morten Bendix
He used Blender IIRC. - Miquel Burns
I used VRay for rendering. As for the tremolo, it's where it should be. The reflections are a little off, but they should be fixed in the final image which you'll see after ASM. - hazul
Wow! That's looks sooooo real! I was sure this IOTD is just the real guitar you tried to make! Of course, there are some material problem, but I'm sure you can fix it. Good work! - Ron Ophir
Looks great. The neck is too thin(in depth) - there is usually a layer of wood under the actual frets. And in the joint of neck and body, the neck makes half the depth (Here it looks like only glued to the body). There also is (at least on my guitar) quite bigger arc under the frets. I miss output jack. - Martin Cerny
Amazing work on the plastic there, i agree with everyones comments on the metal though. the neck also looks too thin and all the strings are too think. But great work there. - CrazyFish3000
Whoa; nice! The gray bits look a little more like plastic than metal, but otherwise you're approaching photorealistic there, bud. Great work. 8-) - 23yrold3yrold
Wow, you took it out of the green oil tank :)

Mark - Mark Robson
Mark Robson: I did. :P
phate: That's MY guitar manit!
Sirocco: Aye, i've fixed the knobs some.
William Heatley/23: Yeah, I had the wrong material selected for the metal parts, and when I noticed that I didn't feel like another 45 minutes to render it again ( The full size is 1400x1050 ;))

Anyhow, I've been working on it more, and the headstock is 95% finished. It wasn't at the time of this render, which is why I cropped it off ;) - hazul
Because that's the pose I'm going to use in the finished version at ASM '04 ;) - hazul
Very very awesome. Like the rest, I thought it was a real guitar in the main page.

Very realistic in the full image, but the small flaws mentioned give it away ;) - Derezo
This thing's been up here too long. New IotD in 40 minutes!!1 ;) - 23yrold3yrold
Nice! :) As stated above, metal parts should be made... metal? ;) Use environment mapping on them and they will look like real ones. :)

btw. Are you doing something for ASM`04? :) - Krzysztof Kluczek
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