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IOTD: I Have No Tomatoes - screenshot
I Have No Tomatoes - screenshot
I Have No Tomatoes - screenshot, by Mika Halttunen

This is a screenshot from my latest game, I Have No Tomatoes. It's a nice little "time wasting" game. Completely free Open Source software, of course.

Now, the question is, what to do when you have to waste ten minutes? The answer is, of course: squish as many tomatoes as you can! This game is just for that, but it is also a bit more. You may find it not to be complete waste of time after all... or you don't.

"I Have No Tomatoes" features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL driven isometric 3d graphics and nice music.

The game is available at
Older games of mine:

Any kind of feedback is more than welcome! :)
Nice looking game, but doesn't it use SDL? - Steve++
Looks nice.

Nice looking game, but doesn't it use SDL?

And that is a problem because..? - Inphernic
Looks pretty nice.
And that is a problem because..?
I have to agree with Inphernic. The gallery has never been said that it has to Allegro only pics on it. A SDL game is jus as acceptable in the IOTD. Now if it was in the Allegro Depot then I can see a problem since Matthew is wanting Allegro only games in Depot. - Gage Manson
Unless there's an Allegro port planned, I see no reason for this to be here. - Sirocco
Unless there's an Allegro port planned, I see no reason for this to be here.

Then these have no reason to be here either.

23yrold3yrold - One poster, one TMS, Two Blender renderings
bailey curzadd - One title screen
gillius - Screenshot from Isobomb
hazul - Blender rendering
Gnatinator - Two blender rendering
Marcello - Screenshot from 2draw
Matthew Leverton - Image of his(?) laptop, screenshot from Monopoly (QBasic)

Come on, the screenshot is nice, and there's no reason to limit it to Allegro-related shootage only. We'd be missing quite a lot of good pictures if it were limited. - Inphernic
23yrold3yrold - Some are used in Allegro projects
bailey curzadd - Could be used in Allegro project
gillius - Dunno
hazul - Could be used in Allegro project
Gnatinator - Could be used in Allegro project
Marcello - dunno
Matthew Leverton - He's the benevolent leader. Duh.

Call me elitist, but we just won't agree on this subject. - Sirocco
It is looking ineresting, anyway. (Heading over to the site to take another look...) - Trumgottist
Sirroco: Stuff it, no one (at least me) cares. It looks like a good FREE game. How can you beat FREE?

Looks good, going to play it during my class break. - phate
If you want freeware, there are hundreds of sites for that. If you want Allegro, you come HERE. - Sirocco
It does look great.
However, I agree with Sirocco though - images of the day should in principel have something to do with Allegro or if they're posted here. That's the point, isn't it? - Evert
Sirocco & Evert: You both suck. - phate
I agree with Sirocco & Evert. - Bjørn Lindeijer
Heh. Looks very cool. :) - 23yrold3yrold
it isn't a problem... look how many IOTD's we've had of renderings done in blender. Definatley not Allegro related ;)

the game looks really cool... good job! - BAF
Besides, it wasn't blender ;) Anyhow, another one tomorrow as IOTD. - hazul
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