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IOTD: Another 3d rendering
Another 3d rendering
Another 3d rendering, by hazul

Since 3d renderings seem to be in at the moment, here's what I'm working on at the moment It's a 1960's Fender Jazzmaster, an underappreciated guitar classic. I own one like this, but it doesn't look like it's made of plastic, sorry about that :)

Anyhow, work still very in progress, comments welcome.
Looks good. Blender3D? - Gnatinator
It looks like there is a dividing line up the side of the guitar, kind of like when your pour a clay mold and it has to come up and you have to smoothe off the dividing line before u fire it..... maybe it's just a reflection -- not sure -- I like the detail, also looks like some "jpegy areas" are on the surface causing a little bit of distortion -- but still very cool. What's blender? - Michael Jensen
You guys amaze me. I couldn't make something like that even if I tried for 10 years. - William Heatley
Why did you drop it in a vat of green engine oil?

Mark - Mark Robson
You are complaining at how crappy you made it look, as I stand in awe at the artistic ability that I could never acheive. Ability certainly is relative. - Radagar
Actually I'm using 3dsmax, but this should be just as doable in Blender, too. The surface of the body looks fukked up because of the crap reflection I put together real quick to get a WIP out :) - hazul
It's not that fantastic, from a technical viewpoint (to be fair, neither were my joysticks and he's probably not done anyway :)). You guys could do this stuff, no prob. :) - 23yrold3yrold
Aye, as I said work still very in progress. ;) - hazul
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