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IOTD: Hexpong
Hexpong, by Johan Halmén


This idea of a Pong/Breakout game was supposed to be an entry to the remake compo, until I understood that they don't want any twisted ideas, only same old stuff. Anyhow, it's been fun so far, but there's a lot to do yet. The hex tile coordinate system was a challenging part, while the collision detection was only fun. I used an idea that I got after someone was asking about collision handling in Worms-like games.

The yellow tiles need one hit, the green ones need two and the blue ones need three. The colour changes after each hit. The wooden ones are nonbreakable. Some kind of goodies would be nice. The paddle moves in a circle. I'm putting up a website with more stuff and a playable version 0.1 on the depot as soon as I have time for it but feel free to throw ideas for further development as PM.
That pic reminds me of LiteBright... That was a fun gadget. - Kitty Cat
OT: I still have most of my carts -- the pawn shop up the street has a real atari 2600 behind the glass case with non offical joysticks that are almost the same as the offical atari ones -- it has 3 carts with it...

It looks really cool and reminds me of the program I'm working on right now -- it's a board game using a board of hexagons (I'm having problems w/ coord system myself...) -- the gfx in your pong game (altho it is much closer looking to breakout... pong was only multiplayer and didn't have bricks) look awesome even the ball is shaded -- very cool...

It doesn't however remind me of light bright -- altho maybe the magnadoodle it had a bazillion little hexagon shaped cells in it... - Michael Jensen
Sounds like a great idea to me! A new twist on an old game.
See, old dogs can learn ne tricks. - William Heatley
Looks cool, but how many times can pong be reinvented?! - kazzmir
Hmm. That's a pretty interesting idea. Shame I don't have an old Atari-style paddle controller. :)

Probably more like HexBreakout than HexPong, though ... maybe you could add multiplayer. :) - 23yrold3yrold
I hope it will be possible to spin the bat with the mouse-wheel? :) - Torbjörn Josefsson
At least as many times as Tetris. ;) - 23yrold3yrold
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