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IOTD: Mythic Blades
Mythic Blades
Mythic Blades, by Miguel Pineda

Mythic Blades is a 3d fighting game with 2d controls made with allegro. It was in development for about 2 1/2 years with just a two man team: my brother and i :)

It was originally meant to be a commercial product, but i've been unable to find a publisher and soon it will look too old, so i'm thinking of making it a freeware game.
The fact that we live in Mexico doesn't help either :(

We have a website where you can look at other screenshots and download a demo. For now, it's windows only. I've already ported it to linux, but i'm having some problems with the framerate.

We hope you like it!

Some technical details:

The concept art, textures and stage models were done by my brother while i did the programming, character models, animation and music. For textures, we used Corel PhotoPaint 9 and for the models i used my own Escultor, with some help from blender to make the skyplanes. The code is pure c and it spans 64000+ lines over 120 files.
The complete game is 75 mb.

It was originally done with allegro+allegrogl, but later i found that allegrogl (v 1.4) had an strange bug in winXP, so i had to take out allegrogl and replaced the OGL screen mode change with my own. That is why you get the directx-game-configuration like message box at the start of the game :)

But now everything is back as it was. I took out my code and put the AllegroGL back in, so that i would be able to compile it on other platforms.
May I be the first to say... Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. - Sirocco
I call second! Really sweet, guys. - CGamesPlay
Ummm. Wow. Don't release that as freeware, that looks better than alot of professionally done 3D fighters I've seen. Worst comes to worst, you can probably look in to online publishing... But wow. o_o - Epoch
Impresionante!!! Mucha suerte!!! - ReyBrujo
Oh my god. That's just amazing... I want to be you when/if I grow up! - Synapse Jumps
I like. - Thomas Fjellstrom
WOW! That's awesome! - Breakman79
Yeah, that's awesome. You could sell it online yourself, just gotta have a person who's good at marketing. - William Heatley
Holy mother! That's amazing! - Chris Katko
How did I miss this new IotD for so long?! Sweet; release a demo ... - 23yrold3yrold
man this is nice, i thought at first it was a shot from a new console game. but damn thats nice. i guess this is for everybody who thinks allegro can't be use for a proffesional project., i'm getting demo right now . - flares
Congratulations for making probably the most visually impressing Allegro game so far. - Inphernic
Looks impressive - clovekx
WOOOOW ! Looks reaaaallly great. - A T
People, try the demo it's awesome!!

Excellent work, gfx, music, presentation are all top class. Not being a hardcore fighter game devotee I'm not sure if the gameplay has enough depth.

Please, please don't release this as freeware. Talk to some online companies about distributing it for you.

Es muy bien! - Richard Phipps
That looks truly impressive. If you think it ever starts to look too old, couldn't you just increase the polygon count, like with a slight mesh smooth or something? Not that it didn't look awesome! - Fladimir da Gorf
It looks the most professionally done game with Allegro. Big congratulations. - axilmar
It *looks* great, but the actual fighting mechanics seem a little clunky. Are there any plans for refinements? - Sirocco
"Amazing" is probably the most suited word.
I remember your Ragnarok "demo", at that time I was already amazed at your graphics, models, music, programming (your own low-poly-count model editor!)... The only remaining step for a better result would be motion capture.
Don't be so critic on your own work, the two of you have shown the skills of professional programmer, 3d modeller, musician, texturer, etc. I think you could very well work in a team with some gameplay specialist, in a company. - Yves Rizoud
It's pretty obvious that most feel you can do something serious, either with this game or in some other capacity. Even if you don't want to invest too much energy shopping yourself (or sleves). I coun't hurt to make update resume, and snail mail, E-mail that with a link to your website. If we are all this impressed, (and face it, most of us are BRUTALLY honest), who knows how someone at a software company, or a venture capatalist might feel about you. Never no until you try... Again. (There are others besides Garage Games) - Tronman
Just because you live in Mexico doesn't mean you can't sell the game. Never let that stand in your way. This is clearly a great game, and that's what matters, not where your from.
If you have trouble making the discs you can get someone else to do it. I'm sure there's plenty of people here at A.CC willing to make you discs and ship them out for you. is diverse too, so you can have "warehouses" all over the world :p
As for webspace, I can hook you up with some space if you want it, it'll be under my paid host so it'll be high quality. Just private message me if you need it. - William Heatley
From the tiny thumbnail on the home page I thought some wise acre had posted a shot of Soul Caliber. As far as graphics, professionalism, and wow-factor go, this is much farther ahead of anything else I've seen done with Allegro. Good work. My biggest beef with it so far is the enemy AI; that could be improved. It seems like the computer player jumps too much, for example. But excellent work by any measure. - drew
...<speechless>...get that sucker's way too good for freeware. I think you just raised the bar for Allegro my half made 2D game looks pathetic now. - Jim Simon
You guys need to recruit a professional (experienced) commercial manager. He/she can take care of trying to get this baby published. You and your brother should be working on your next game. If this one doesn't get published, I'm sure your next one will. - Steve++
In my creative writing class (not that im any good at creative writing) the instructor gave us some publishing tips, one of them is even tho you dont want it published by more than one place, submit it to everyplace you think has a chance in hell of publishing it, the worst that could happen is more than one place respond wanting to publish it -- if this happens just choose and apologize to the other one, i would hand the demo out to as many pub companies as u can get a hold of -- and I have to agree with everyone on here that you have mad skillz. That is the nicest looking allegro game I've ever seen... bar none. - Michael Jensen
WOOOOOOOOOOWEY!!! That's the wow-ish Allegro game I've ever seen! 5 stars!!
As for publishing, try Cafe Press. - Ron Ophir
Great! I didn't know that Allegro can do that! - pav0
It looks great. You can always got to God Games or google for indie developers online. Just a sec I can look up some publishers for you...(searching through indie book)...NanoGamer, MyMonsterGames, AllFunGames, and EGameZone. Which are all a part of the egamezone that was started by Andre LaMothe of XGames3D. - Harbinger ZERO
It looks awesome.
Perhaps a little anti-alias would make it sweeter though.
I think you should be able to make money on this game. - Trezker
Did any of you guys actually play the game?

Grtaphics are great yes, BUT if they are trying to sell it no one will buy. They'll just see the purty gfx, dload the demo, play it, and delete it. No offense guys, it does look impressive, but the game play needs Major tweaking. - Mandrake Root Produc
Well, it's really amizing and very impressive!!
Congratulations, keep us the good work!
However, I wouldn't pay for it : GFX are impressive but gameplay and fun are far from being as great :/ - ITM
After we finished it, both my brother and i felt that the game sucked. Really!
That will happen when you work on anything for a long time. This looks like being the best Allegro game to date. Downloading now :) - Steve++
A little tip :)

Try this:

Pass "-blood" (without quotes) when starting the game from the command line like this:

mb.exe -blood

...or add it to the shortcut placed in your desktop:

"C:\Program Files\Vermillion\mb.exe" -blood

Just don't activate it if you're squeamish about the red liquid! ;) - Miguel Pineda
Egads! :o I really think you guys should be able to find a publisher for something that pretty. But if you do end up releasing it as freeware, I wont be disappointed. :D - Carl Olsson
Very nice. Just dont forget to give complementary copies to us all if you end up selling it ;D - BAFSoft
Thanks a lot for all your encouraging words! After we finished it, both my brother and i felt that the game sucked. Really!

But now your comments make us feel a lot better :)

¡Muchas gracias! ¿Sabes que pensaba que eras estadounidense :) ? ¡Tienes muy buen inglés!

I've already tried Garagegames, but they didn't seem too interested in picking it, as i emailed them more than 2 months ago and haven't gotten an answer yet. Maybe they didn't think it would sell that well or maybe it was because we're not using their engine.

@William Heatley
I've also thought of that too, but i'm not sure. The cost of making cd copies/hosting is still too high here in Mexico. Maybe i would end up losing more than what i would earn :(

Anyway, thanks a lot :) - Miguel Pineda <-- try and get the Linux version published. You could even sell it with the source code for added GNU/Linux/Opensource bonuse marks ;). I would pay £10 for this game going by the screen shot if it ran nativly on Linux(maybe £20 if it has the source code with it and is under the GPL). - PyroBoy
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