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IOTD: Two early maps
Two early maps
Two early maps, by Sirocco

Fenix Blade: Cry Havoc

Set nearly ten centuries before the events chronicled in
Fenix Blade, Cry Havoc puts you in command of a small band
of renegade soldiers hoping to intercept an enemy detachment
deep inside hostile territory. Taking a visual cue from
Tactics Ogre, this game dispenses with many of the popular
conventions found in the budding genre, seeking instead to
create a solid and unique experience. An intuitive
mouse-based interface streamlines command selection, and
camera rotation allows for more strategic options when
positioning units. The map editor will be included with the
release of the game.

More details may be found at

This game is nearly complete.
YES!! Tactical RPGs kick butt! - Ben M
I can't wait to see this... - Chris Katko
I don't know what you guys think 3D is...
It looks very 3D to me. Height, length, depth. What more do you want from three dimensions?

And yes, I wouldn't mind taking the game for a spin as well.

Almost time for me to resume work on _my_ game. - Karadoc ~~
Sling blade? LoL. Looks awesome. - Dark
It's isometric, so the world data is in 3D, but the rendering is not. No polygons except for the special effects. - Sirocco
He said it was nearly complete ... yay! - 23yrold3yrold
How is a rasterised polygon more 3D than a prerendered raster?

Looks very promising. Tiles could use a bit more variation though. Particularly on the vertical faces. - Carl Olsson
Sirocco, is this game a Win32 game, or DOS again? - Dark
Camera rotation? 3D? It looks 2D, so I'm guessing 2.5D? I must know your sekrit! :( I look forward to playing it. - Kanzure
Looks 2D isometric. In the style of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its ilk. Of course, it all hinges on the gameplay, so I look forward to trying it. :) - 23yrold3yrold
Ok. It seems that I have an unusual way of looking at things. (although I think it's the better way ;) )
The 'game universe' is in 3D. ie Everything in the universe has three dimensions of spatial position. (x, y, z). I'm looking specifically at the guy in the bottom left of the bottom picture. He looks as though someone could be walk across the top of him, or around him -> 3D.

But the game graphics are drawn in some form of 2D. Is this what you are all saying?

I'd certainly call this a 3D game - the game universe is in the computer, and in your mind; not on the screen. - Karadoc ~~
That's what I'm saying. There's no true camera rotating, no polygons ... if this is 3D then so is Q-Bert. ;) - 23yrold3yrold
It looks great. And I'd really like to play a strategy RPG game (not many of them out there), so I'm looking forward your game.

Any chance we get a demo soon ? :) - Oscar Giner
Sorry for the delay (business trip went awry). The game is nearly complete; there will be both DOS and Win32 ports; and the screenshots feature "programmer art", in that I haven't had time to work up a huge variety of textures for the blocks. That will change before it's complete :) - Sirocco
It's actually 2D, but the camera shifts in 90 degree increments. The gameplay will be a rather strong departure from the norm of this genre, as I'm cutting out things like micromanagement and having 8 trillion unit types to muck around with. You'll also be able to use sapper units to blow up terrain, so as you can imagine entire strategies can shift with a single bomb going off :)

I figured I'd take the graphic style of Tactics Ogre and throw out everything else I've learned from the genre and start from scratch. We'll see how it turns out. - Sirocco
>No polygons except for the special effects

Cheater! :P
Most be alot of work making all the images..heh.. - Kanzure
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