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IOTD: Haunt Hunter!
Haunt Hunter!
Haunt Hunter!, by 23yrold3yrold

Yay; abandonware! :D

This is Haunt Hunter, my aborted entry for last year's Halloween Hack (which I simply had no time to finish). The basic idea is simple; it's a ... what's the genre name? Gallery shooter? Anyway, it scrolls right to left and you have to shoot stuff. The trick is in the two meters on the left; one is your health, and the other is your ... sanity. Seriously; enemies can attack you or they can scare you. If you die or go insane, it's game over. The sanity recharges but the health doesn't. Also, the sanity drops slowly if you fire wildly ("panic fire") and gets a small boost if you kill something. The neat thing is the effect the sanity meter has on gameplay; the lower the meter is, the more the player's aim shakes. And the more you miss, the less sane you get, and the more your aim shakes, and the more you miss ... you get it. Of course, you could refrain from firing ... and get killed by enemies. So, yeah. You have to be careful before you go right off the deep end. Most of that is already implemented; I'm especially proud of the shaking. :)

Right here you see 9 levels of parallax scrolling in the trees. The ghost fades in and out and is invincible in that state; it grows solid to do a "scare attack" during which you can kill it. The werewolf (detail of that at the bottom) runs back and forth through the trees, growing closer with each pass, until he reaches you and hits you. Other enemies include voodoo dolls that poke themselves with sticks (health damage) and jack-o-lanterns which you must never accidentally shoot (not easy with shaky aim ;)) or they release a scary "pumpkin spirit" (major sanity damage). Lots of enemies planned.

The graphics are monochromed images I yanked off Google. Like those Photoshoped tombstones (9 Allegro.CC members would meet their demise that Halloween!) or the werewolf. Or the ruins you can just see off to the right. I probably won't ever finish it due to lack of interest, but if anyone ever wanted the currently done images, design doc, and source code, with an interest to trying to see it to the end, I wouldn't mind parting with that ...
That is one sweet werewolf model, but he says he yanked it off Google. - Carl Olsson
That might be the sweetest "gallery shooter" I've seen, I'd really love to see it finished. - Trezker
I'm proud to have given my life for the benefit of the community. - Sirocco
That looks sweet! It's too bad you didn't have time to finish it. - Breakman79
Scary warewolf, and interesting concept even though I would have no interest in actually playing the game. (Due to genre.)

"Haunt Hunter?" - Trumgottist
stuff that looks sweet. :o I could also probably use that werewolf model too, if you've abondoned it... - Kitty Cat
I wanna be a dead thing! I wanna be a dead thing! ;) - Synapse Jumps
Wow! Looks great.. I'm scared already! :) - Richard Phipps
That I did. Sorry, KC. :) What; you thought I made it in Blender? - 23yrold3yrold
Either that, or had a superbly talented friend. I missed the part where you said you yanked it off Google, though. :-[ - Kitty Cat
If I had the time, I would try to finish it up. But I don't, and I have to rely on someone else to finish it before I can play it :( - MiquelFire
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