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IOTD: Chryzodes ?
Chryzodes ?
Chryzodes ?, by da_flo

These are images I mathematically rendered with an allegro program of mine. They are called chryzodes. Chryzodes are graphical representation a operations and relations between numbers. If you want to know more about chryzodes, go to, and enjoy !

The upper image here is the chryzode of multiplication by 3 in the modulus 1849. The lower image is the chryzode of the multiplication by 2342 in the modulus 2345, seen with a 1:8 zoom.

As you can see the result is quite nice, and they are only examples of the many many possibilities of chryzodes ( I had a hard time choosing only 2 images for IOTD ). Discovering chryzodes step by step and being astonished by the beauty of every new unexpected image was really great for me ! Please note that, apart from the way how they show the great beauty of mathematics, chryzodes have nothing to do with fractals. ( People often ask if they are fractals ;) )

The two images above were rendered with the program I use to make some kind of mathematical research on chryzodes for school. It is written with allegro, using some basic graphic routines and the allegro gui. The program can be downloaded, but right now it is NOT a clean release ( not clean but stable though ;) ). It is only the version I use myself and share with some my friends and my teacher. Everything is in french and the support is minimalist. Besides, the makefile included is the one I use to make cross compilation on my windows/linux boxes, but is likely not to be suitable for everyone.

So, people who can't wait trying rendering chryzodes can go to Otherwise, be a little patient, I am already planning to make a first clean public release in english soon. ( which would not be the final release, since I have still tons of things I am thinking to implement :) )

Any comments would be appreciated
Thanks and enjoy :)
thanks... But the principle is very simple, and the coloring algorithm I use is still very simple ! ( in fact what took me most time what to put all the features I had together in a nice GUI ) Expect to see even more beautiful things in the next versions ( and look at what kind of images they get with their own software ) - da_flo
where do i download it? - BAFSoft
Very kool looking :) Nice work - Tariq Walji
It is now downloadable ! :) Check this thread : the_thread - da_flo
Neat! I was messing around with it...and while I had no real idea what I was doing, I really like the result :) - spellcaster
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