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IOTD: Hazul's map editor v2 with NAS Gui
Hazul's map editor v2 with NAS Gui
Hazul's map editor v2 with NAS Gui, by hazul

I decided to revamp my map editor a bit. Looking around the web for something fun I stumbled upon Steve Terry's excellent NAS GUI, A Skinnable GUI Library for Allegro.
I instantly downloaded it and, with a lot of help from the author of NAS GUI, I managed to piece together my first program using it.

So far, I have set up three windows, and one of them has the map drawn onto it. The windows can be resized, minimized and maximised at will. Clipping of the map is taken care of too, so I don't have to worry about that either. I hope this compensates for the lack of demos using NAS GUI. This does not, as you can see, mean that NAS GUI is bad. On the contrary. Next on my list, I'll add the palette and doodle around with the extensive set of widgets I haven't played with yet :)
Good job, It looks really cool so far...
however, it really seems like you're doing a windowed environment in full screen (unless you just didnt want us to see your desktop and removed it) -- with most utilities (like map editors) they don't need to be all that fast and (IMO) are better in windowed modes, or at least with little buttons up in the corner that you can switch between different programs with... utilities that don't let you easily multitask with other programs are sometimes evil to use -- but critisism aside -- it looks like it's early in development but still very neat and like it will probably be very cool to use -- are you going to make this avilable on the depot? - Michael Jensen
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