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IOTD: Transformers: Air Assault
Transformers: Air Assault
Transformers: Air Assault, by 23yrold3yrold

This is technically the first game I ever tried to make, and the engine from it was eventually refined into the code used in my third STL article (the jets were painted flat colors for that article), which eventually because the TMS engine. And what I've learned making TMS will be used to give this game its final overhaul.

This game is actually surprisingly complete, considering I've never shown it off before. Firstly, there's 18 playable characters; 9 from the Autobot camp and 9 from the Decepticon ranks. Some are locked, and two are joke characters (Cosmos and Laserbeak). It's essentially two different games; one set of levels for the Autobots and another set for the Decepticons.

Several game features are fairly apparent here; firstly, the jets are following Bezier splines. This is an easy way to make enemies follow paths around the screen. The tank enemies I have go one further; not only do they follow curves and straight lines from point to point (they can follow a road, for example), but the turret tracks the player. A lot of the weapons unique to each character are implemented; note Air Raid's homing missiles here. He fires 8 at a time when fully powered up (as he is here). There are other weapons like Thundercracker's missile volleys, which do vicious splash damage. The tiles are stock renders from POV-Ray, which has a neat plug-in for making tileable images like these.

The game also has a couple of mini-bosses made up of multiple destructable parts (some parts have to be destroyed before others become vulnerable) and parallax scrolling. It's not quite as far along as the TMS engine, and it's much uglier code-wise, but it's not too bad for something I made a year ago.

This will be finished one day. After TMS, I haven't decided if I'm going to make my shooter or RPG, but I'm leaning towards the former. The engine I use to make my commercial shooter will also be used for Transformers: Air Assault (TFAA), possibly just as an engine test.

I dunno; I always liked this game. Shame I haven't finished it yet, but TMS takes priority ...

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